Introducing Nurture Me

Introducing Nurture Me® a New High Concentrate Omega-3 DHA for Women in the World’s Smallest Softgel Size

Nurture Me

With its proven health benefits, supplementing with Omega 3 DHA is not a choice but a necessity for maternal health. Approximately 4 million pregnancies result in live births in the United States yearly, but of these only 30% (1.2 million) women consume the scientifically proven beneficial dose of the vital omega-3 fatty acid DHA.

Current DHA Consumption in the U.S.

The Perinatal Lipid Intake Working Group (PERILIP) recommends a minimum daily intake of 200 mg DHA per day for pregnant & nursing women. However, research shows most pregnant & breastfeeding women in the U.S. consume only 60 to 80 milligrams a day. (

nmA consumer study shows that despite the growing scientific evidence, most pregnant women in the United States are lacking in the important omega-3 DHA. A huge omega-3 nutritional gap exists and we need more high quality products and focused consumer education campaigns to bridge this gap.




Science behind DHA

Pregnancy is associated with a reduction in DHA levels in the mother. Since effective doses of essential fatty acids may be difficult to obtain through diet alone, the production of DHA in the fetus and placenta is low, and adequate maternal supplementation of DHA becomes crucial.

Omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA are the most researched ingredient to date with more than 26,000 scientific papers published as of December 2013. Of these, over two dozen support the importance of supplementing a mother’s diet with Omega-3 DHA and EPA.

Although there are several Omega-3 Fish Oil products in the market most women shy away from consuming them due to their nasty fishy odor and horse-pill size huge softgels. 90% of consumer comments on FISH OIL products on Amazon complain about these two major issues.

Nurture Me®, a high concentrate Omega-3 DHA product is made by a mom keeping the above issues in mind. Smaller-than-a-dime and with no fishy odor each tiny softgel has the highest amount of DHA per pill compared to other prenatal DHA products in the market.

Key product differentiators between Nurture Me® and other Omega-3 DHA supplements available in the market are as follows:

1. Is it a BIG soft gel? –It’s the world’s smallest Omega-3 DHA pill size. Branded “smaller than a dime” it is ideal for women who dislike big sized fish oil capsules

2. Quality? It’s a Product of Europe made with the highest quality DHA oil available in the market

3. Who can take it? –

a. Any women between the ages 18 to 50+. It is meant to elevate their Omega-3 DHA levels and most

b. Children old enough to swallow small pills – DHA is great for developing focus & attention women are deficient in this nutrient

4. Do they need it? – Most Women lack Omega-3 DHA and don’t know that it’s vital for their brain, eyes, nerves, mood, blood circulation, gut health and more. Plus over 2 dozen published studies support the use of DHA for women planning pregnancy, are pregnant or have had kid(s) (even years later)

5. Is it safe? Yes – It’s a Product of Europe, manufactured in a FDA GMP certified facility in Canada and carefully blister packed in the US. Plus, it has been purity tested by a third party (Pace Analytical) The Company has posted their third-party test results on their website and on Amazon.

6. Is it backed by Science? – Yes, A team of Research specialists from the State of Pennsylvania Hershey’s Medical Center stand behind this product and are listed on the company website’s Advisory Team.

7. Fishy Odor or Burp? – The product is made with the highest quality fish-based DHA oil and blister packed in pharma grade packaging so it will not emit fishy odor.

8. Pharma- Grade Blister Packaged – Most Fish Oil Supplements are packaged in bottles which means every time you open the bottle, the oxygen present in the air oxidizes the fish oil capsules and makes it rancid. Each Nurture Me softgel is individually blister packaged which retains the softgel purity and prevents oxidation and rancidity. A huge plus over ordinary products!

9. Kosher & Halal? – The softgel is certified Kosher and Halal

10. Where to find Nurture Me®? – Currently it is being sold in the U.S. through their website  and on Amazon.

For more information about the product and the science behind it, please follow the company’s social media links on Facebook and Twitter.

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