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Post + Beam – Lokai Bracelet Review and Skinnaturals Review

Thank you for the great review!

Wow what an awesome reviewer. I couldn’t be happier with this professional review. Great job!!!

Juppy LLC
Excellent review!

Make-A-Ball – Utensil Wipes
Thank you Kathleen for the very generous and detailed review! We hope you enjoy Utensil Wipes again in the future!

Rollie Vertical Grill
Thank you for your review! I hope to work with you again soon!

Wonderful writer! She really understood the essence of our product and communicated it well.

Tropical Traditions
Thank you for the nice review!

Kathleen wrote a great review for us, and we couldn’t be happier! Thanks Kathleen!
Read our full review of Thera Pearl here.

Scott’s Liquid Gold/Neoteric Cosmetics
Great Review! Thank you Kathleen!

Pure Fitness Nutrition
great review thank you so much!

Thank you so much for the great review!!
Read our full review of ZIPaboo here.

Roots Only, Inc.
Thank you for taking the time to review Roots Only. I appreciate your feedback and honest comments!
Read our full review of Roots Only here.

Sparkle Farms
Nice Review, We are happy to hear that your daughter loves her Sparkle Farms Bloomer Shorts.

Life Manifestos
Great review. Thanks, Kathleen!
Read our full review of Life Manifestos here.

Excellent communication. Thank you for your review!

Bible Verse Gifts
The review was written in a very professional, yet personal and accessible style. It was thorough, give the reasons for approval and recommendation of our product, and made the product’s benefits clear. We are of course glad she liked our item, and appreciate her kind words.

Read our full review of Bible Verse Gifts here.

Thanks for the review!

Pedi Protexx
Thank you for the review!
Read our full review of Pedi Protexx here.

Thank you for the great review!!
Read our full review of Daddy Scrubs Hooded Sweatshirt here.

Tree Hut
Great review!

Bulu Box
“Bulu box has to be one of my favorite subscription boxes that is offered” Thank you so much Kathleen! We love hearing this! :) Thank you for the awesome review!

Baby Magic
Wonderful! Great to work with! Thanks!

Wonderfully personal review Kathleen, thank you very much!

Great to work with, very prompt.
Read our full review of Potty Covers here.

Great review, fast, and well done. Thank you!
A great review from a great writer. Very professional!

Baby Magic
Great review! Nice and long. Talks about products AND how she liked it. Promoted other Baby Magic promotions as well. Would love to work with again. :)

Toe Juice
Thanks for the great review! Glad your able to use it for bug bites. Happy Toe Juicing!

Footminders Inc.
Great review! Glad you liked our product, thanks!

Great review! Very nicely written and supported by terrific photos of her daughter wearing our product.

Chalk City
It was a pleasure working with you!

Great to work with. Very punctual.

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