Zippo Introduces Two New Products Just in Time for The Holidays

Zippo has two products that will make the perfect gift for those that love the outdoors. Whether it be fishing and camping or just enjoying the outdoors these gift ideas are perfect!

Zippo has launched a new windproof lighter collection, each featuring sustainably sourced wood emblems, made in partnership with WOODCHUCK USA. Each lighter sold from the ZippoFight Fire with Fire collection will directly contribute to the restoration and protection of forests around the world, with the goal of helping combat the effects of deforestation caused by wildfires.

ZippoFight Fire with Fire Collection (MSRP Range: $45.95 – $62.95)

The ZippoFight Fire with Fire Collection features 10 unique designs including a brushed chrome lighter with front and back real wood cedar emblems and brushed brass finish lighter outfitted with a real wood mahogany emblem. Each lighter comes with its own certificate and unique code so you can see where your tree is planted around the globe.

Zippo’s HeatBank 9s is the latest addition to their growing portfolio of best-selling reusable hand warmers. The HeatBank 9s offers a run time of nine hours, six heat settings deliver gentle warmth of up to 120°F/50°C. Perfect heat solution for any outdoor activities, cold-weather commutes or even chilly offices.

The Heatbank 9s delivers dependable, dual-sided warmth at the press of a button with the convenience of a power bank. Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and is capable of charging any USB-compatible device, including smartphones and tablets. It’s curved design allows it easily fit in and out of your pockets, making it a travel companion that’s built to last. Perfect for early mornings hunting or that special ice fishing trip. It is available in three colors: champagne, black, and silver. It also comes with an adjustable lanyard to be worn around the neck.

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