WubbaNub Pacifier and Lovey Collection Make the Perfect Gift for Any Baby

Whether you call it a binky, paci or soother, the pacifier is a pleasure for both baby and parents with its power to calm even the fussiest infant. According to the Mayo Clinic, most babies have a strong sucking reflex. Some babies even suck their thumbs or fingers before they’re born. Beyond nutrition, sucking often has a soothing, calming effect. That’s why many parents rank pacifiers as must-haves, right up there with diaper wipes!

WubbaNub is a safety-first company that mandates all infant and baby products are completely safety tested. The durable one-piece construction of the pacifier means no germs hiding between cracks. And there are no cords or clips. Parents can easily machine wash then air-dry their pacifier and plush friend.

WubbaNub pacifiers are perfect for newborns to 6 month old babies. WubbaNub features dozens of pacifier styles including: the MLB Sports Collection, Limited Edition Collection, Classic Collection and more.

Parents will be delighted to discover that as their child ages out of using a pacifier, the WubbaNub offerings now includes age-appropriate items called WubbaNub Loveys. The initial WubbaNub Loveys collection celebrates and matches up with the classic WubbaNub characters: Brown Puppy, Lamb, Monkey, Elephant, Giraffe and Buttercup Giraffe. The WubbaNub Loveys will be offered on their own but also as part of a gift set in new packaging. After age six months or when baby sprouts a tooth, WubbaNub’s ultra-soft Lovey becomes baby’s best buddy. The longer plush comforts as it keeps baby cozy. Look for a smile then a giggle once baby discovers the rattle tucked inside. Each lovey has both soft plush for little hands to hold and satin lined ears for tactile stimulation.

Whether purchasing as a baby shower present or as a welcome-home-baby gift, their popularity makes them a favorite in department stores such as Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Target and Buy Buy Baby, among others. Find them online at amazon and their own site, www.wubbanub.com.

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