Wrap Buddies is Your Ultimate Gift Wrapping Companion

I don’t know about you but I always start out the holiday season excited to wrap presents. Unfortunately, about the 10th time of loosing the tape or not being able to find the scissors I am ready to give up. Wrap Buddies is the perfect present wrapping companion.

Wrap Buddies is a handy tool and the ultimate secret weapon that combines all your wrapping necessities into one! Wrap Buddies clips to your table to hold your wrapping paper in place, while doubling as a tape dispenser at the same time. With all your supplies close at hand, wrapping will be a breeze.With adjustable table clips and supplies close at hand, you’ll be able to measure, cut, trim, wrap, and tape quicker than ever before.

Wrap Buddies is at home helping wrap gifts for birthdays and holidays, but
it can also be used for projects outside of that beautifully gift wrapped
box. Its patent-pending two-piece design will hold any rolls of aluminum
foil, parchment or wax paper in place for cooking and baking needs. Let
Wrap Buddies be your crafting sidekick for holding kraft paper too.

Wrap Buddies are available in two different colors, cherry and slate. You can purchase Wrap Buddies for yourself or someone in your life that needs a little help when it comes to wrapping at the Wrap Buddies website.

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