WoofPack Dog Walking Accessory Bag is the Perfect Gift for Any Dog Owner

Our family always includes our pets when it comes to holiday shopping. We want to make sure that they have presents to open to. Since we have several dog owner’s in our extended family, we try getting them a gift that both of them will enjoy. So what would the perfect gift be?

It’s the WoofPack dog walking accessory bag. WoofPack is a versatile carry-all for dog lovers on-the-go. It’s great to take on walks with your pet, but also to the dog park, hikes, veterinarian office and more. The bag has a unique antimicrobial lining that neutralizes odor until it can be disposed of. You never again have to hold bagged dog waste allowing you to have a more enjoyable on-the-go, hands-free experience with your pet.

The Pack is also water resistant. This is a really nice feature that I appreciate. I can take the pack with me in any kind of weather and not have to worry about it getting ruined. The Pack is fashionable, yet durable and is the “go-to” carryall for dog lovers-on-the-go everywhere. It can be worn four ways.

It has separate, roomy pockets that eliminates the need to stuff personal items and treats into pockets where they can be hard to reach. There are separate pockets to store personal items and your pet’s favorite treats. The Pack can be worn four ways.

The Pack is available for purchase in several different colors and patterns. You can purchase your own WolfPack directly from their website starting at $29.97.

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