What You Should Buy for the Angler Who Has Everything

Guest post by Brandon Austin.

Anglers are everywhere, and everyone I know has at least one fishing enthusiast in their lives. You know the type — they have 20 rods, always post pictures of their latest catches, and go fishing all the time.

Fishing is a very technical and personal sport. Because there are so many ways to fish, an angler’s gear, rig, and strategy are individual and unique. It reminds me of a morning routine. Everyone has one, it’s uniquely personalized, and it’s been developed over many years of fine-tuning.

So how do you buy a gift for someone when their favorite pastime is so personal and complicated? Well you’ve come to the right place. Here’s my guide to finding the best gift for the angler who has everything:

1. Fishing apparel: Fishing gear wears out quickly in the sun and salt. An angler can never have too many fishing shirts, facemasks, hats, or other fishing accessories. 

Pro tip: Anglers are often fiercely loyal to a few brands they trust. Figure out your angler’s favorite brands before buying. They’ll appreciate the gift even more if it’s from their favorite brand.

2. Fishing electronics: Like many other industries, technology is rapidly changing the world of fishing. One of the latest developments is in-line underwater fishing camera GoFish Cam. I developed this device so anglers could watch every bite, strike, and fight. Check out this video captured by a GoFish Cam in the Florida Keys.

Pro tip: Does the angler in your life fish catch and release? A fishing camera is perfect for them, because they can bring something home to remember the catch that’s better than the same old fish picture.

3. Fishing trip: Do you have a major event coming up? A 10-year anniversary for your “significant angler?” A 30th birthday for your fisherman son or daughter? If you want to wow them with a huge gesture they’ll never forget, the best way is a fishing trip. There’s nothing better for an angler than spending a week on legendary fishing grounds.

Pro tip: Certain fishing locations peak at different times of year. Figure out which species your angler likes most and find the best trip for their favorite. Timing is everything!

Brandon Austin is an avid fisherman and co-founder and CEO of Austin, Texas-based GoFish Cam, a wireless high-definition underwater fishing camera attaches to your fishing line and records action-packed footage of every catch. Learn more at https://gofishcam.com/.

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