Two Little Dumplings Candles is the Gift that Keeps on Giving!

TLD Candles (Two Little Dumplings) ! TLD candles is the gift that keeps on giving, one the candle is finished our containers can be repurposed into: planter pots, flower vases, coffee mugs, tea sets, cookie jars, martini glasses and much more!

All TLD products reduce CO2 emissions by using reusable containers & all-natural candle materials (coconut soy wax & essential oils), and recyclable packaging. The candles are hand poured in NYC using all-natural coconut soy wax, low smoke hemp/cotton wicks, essential oils and nontoxic adhesive to create fully fragrant and long burning candles. Each package is made from recycled materials. 

TLD containers are made to be reused. After the candle has finished, customers can clean repurpose/reuse the the containers. No two candles are the same, the limited edition candles are one of a kind and won’t be remade! They often use vintage teacups, planter pots, kitchenware to create home decor for all personality types. A portion of all proceeds go to NYC Material for the Arts

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