tubbubble Bath Products Make Great Stocking Stuffers for Kids

The tubbubble®, is a bath play line made with natural ingredients. This fun bath play line turns every bath into an imaginative and exciting experience for kids.

The tubbubble® Products include:

The Bath Volcano is a pyramid-shaped package that when snipped and dipped in water, erupts with foam and crackling sounds while turning the water a light orange color.

The Bubble Bath Pouch is a fleece cloth-like pouch that foams and releases bubbles when squeezed and makes the water a light red color while it moisturizes and cleans.

The Crackling Bath Crystals make fun popping sounds while turning the water a light green color.

The Foaming Bath Pebbles comes in a tube-shaped package creating a foam cascade when you dip the open wrapper under water.

All tubbubble® products are made with love in Germany and are 100% free from palm oil, SLS, phthalates, mineral oil, parabens, petrolatum, synthetic fragrance and dyes. Every product is dermatologically tested but never tested on animals. All ingredients are GMO-free, natural and vegan. Organic ingredients are used where possible. From natural moisturizing oils to flower extracts for water color effects, each ingredient is chosen carefully. To learn more about tubbubble® visit their website.

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