Treat Your Pet Like Family with Darwin’s Natural Pet Products

Pets are treated like royalty in today’s households, especially in our house. Cash and our girls Lily and AJ are definitely spoiled. Did you know that 70% of families own a pet and overall spending in the U.S. pet industry increased by 4.4% from 2017-18 to $72.56 billion. You can assume holiday shopping for pets is in full swing.

Darwin’s Natural Pet Products is offering 50% off of all new customer orders! During Cyber Week, purchasing customers will also receive a holiday gift pack. For dogs, that includes three packs of treats: 1 lamb femur, 1 pack of duck necks, and 1 pack of venison jerky treats.

The treat box for cats includes 1 pack of venison jerky. If a customer would like to forego the 50% offer and gift package, they can still spoil their pet this holiday season with Darwin’s $14.95 trial offer, here, which includes 10 pounds of premium raw dog or cat food. To take advantage of Darwin’s 50% promotion, be sure to order here:

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