Prevent Dogs from Biting – The Most Important Training for Puppies

Prevent Dogs from Biting – The Most Important Training for Puppies

Training for Puppies

There are lots of different stuff that young puppies have to learn. When it comes tobiting, it is one of the most crucial things allowing them to socialize with other animals and human beings. There is no place for biting dogs in any society which is why this kind of a training takes priority over almost anything else.

Always remember that biting comes naturally to puppies. Their teeth will grow over time, they will start itching and this can stimulate them to bite. At the same time, they use mouth instead of hands so don’t be surprised if they use it as a way of playing.
Nevertheless, you have to stop it. At one point their teeth will become sharp and this is when it turns to an issue. With these awesome tips, you will be able to do just that.

Having Proper Basics

First thing that you have to learn doesn’t pertain to a pet; it pertains to you and your behavior.
Owner has to be a leader. This is especially important with dogs as they are used to packs. You need to show dominance from the start but in the right way. Harming a puppy in any way can be disastrous. In some cases, it even leads to trauma. When using disciplinary measures, you need to do it through repetition and persistence, not violence. Yes, dog may learn things quicker with force but you don’t want to go that way.
Biting training goes hand in hand with other types of trainings. It will be much easier to do it if a puppy has already learned a few things. Discipline is the key but don’t expect dog to have it; instead, you’re the one that has to instill proper principles.

Showing Emotions

The worst thing about biting is that a dog doesn’t understand its doing something wrong.
You will play with it from the get go and biting will be its usual routine. However, as the time goes by and its teeth start growing, dog will start hurting you. Puppy will not understand this, among other because biting is a natural function of its body.
This is why you need to place focus on that.
Whenever pet bites you, make sure to be vocal. Show that you’re in pain and that something is wrong. Even if a pet doesn’t understand voice command, it will understand body language.

Stop playing

Biting occurs as you’re playing with a dog or simply petting it.
Best way to show it biting is not ok? Stop playing.
Like human beings, dogs are more inclined to react to negative than positive stimuli. If you tried with your voice and nothing happened, perhaps it’s time to ignore the dog. Keep in mind that by simply stopping the playtime, dog will be less excited and less inclined to bite. So, the effect is two-fold.
If a dog catches on and start behaving better, you can even provide a treat as a way of showing appreciation.

Worst case scenario

Some dogs will bite no matter what. Needless to say, this may lead to some very serious and negative behavior patterns.
If a puppy persists doing its way, you need to take drastic measures. Isolate the dog and put it in a corner. Puppy needs to learn from the get go that such behavior will not be tolerated. But, don’t go beyond that; this will be enough of a punishment and puppy will learn its lesson after one or two such situations.

There you go!

With these tips, you’re ready to teach a puppy how not to bite. No matter what, try to take your time. Even if things don’t go well at first, don’t panic. Some pets require more time to learn certain lessons but you will get there.

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