The Wriggler Makes Diaper Changing Less of a Struggle

How many parents feel like changing their little one’s diaper is like wrestling a bear. It like when it is time to change their diapers, they see it as a game on how much they can move around.

The Wriggler is a multi-award winning portable changing pad designed for
babies and toddlers who wriggle during diaper changing. The changing pad has won the Baby Maternity Magazine’s *TOP CHOICE Award 2019* in
the Baby Changing Pad category.

Once babies learn to roll and crawl, diaper changing can become a battle for parents and their little ones, as it takes two hands to keep the little one still and there are no hands left to change the diaper. This is problem experienced by up to 40% of parents and can add a significant source of stress to one’s day when we consider that the average baby needs to be changed six times per day or 6500 times until potty training.

The Wriggler solves this problem with its patented knee pad design. Once the bear’s arms hug the little one’s torso and the parent kneels on the
attached knee pads, it anchors the pad and baby in place, freeing up hands
for a quick and easy change. For younger babies and toddlers who don’t yet
wriggle, it converts to a traditional changing pad so can be used from
birth until potty training so it grows with your child. To learn more and purchase The Wriggler visit:

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