The Nexar Beam Dash Cam – Cloud Sourcing Peace of Mind

Nexar created the world’s smartest dash cam system that does much more than just record the road. Nexar’s goal is to reduce the chance of collisions to make our roads safer for everyone. The Nexar Beam is the latest in technology from Nexar and will be available just in time for holiday buying season.

The Nexar app connects drivers with others on the road so they get real-time information about what’s happening up ahead. The dash cam records automatically, identifying incidents and saving clips to the cloud, so drivers always feel protected on the road. Collision reports can be automatically shared with insurance companies.

The Nexar Beam has several features that put this dash cam ahead of the rest!

  • Live video streams to the Nexar app
  • Enables unlimited cloud backup for road events including hard brakes, collisions and manually-saved clips
  • Provides detailed post-collision reports
  • Is accepted by insurance companies
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Comes with the Nexar app for iOS and Android
  • No subscription necessary 
  • 3 versions: 32GB, 4 hours of backup; 64GB, 8 hours of backup,128GB, 16 hours of backup

The Nexar Beam dash cam for $78. Currently, it’s discounted to $60 for the holidays. Ships fast from Amazon. Currently, it can be purchased here: or on Amazon.

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