The Monster Draw Game will Create Hours of Fun and Creativity this Holiday Season!

Our family loves family games night each week. That is why the kids love adding board games to their holiday gift lists. They each add a few different ones to add to their collection, it has become sort of a tradition.

This year the kids love a new drawing game that has quickly become one of their favorites to play with their friends and our family. The Monster Draw Game can go with you anywhere, making it perfect for vacations, trips to the doctor’s waiting room and more. The monster fun game of luck and creativity!

The rules of the game are simple, allowing even the little ones to play. Just take turns rolling the dice and watch your monster come alive! Be the first
player to draw all six body parts of your monster and you win. You can also separate into teams for extra creativity and each team mate puts their creative juices into the mix to create an even more original monster.

The Monster Draw Game is fun for 1-100 players and recommended for ages 4 and up! Inside each game includes one monster draw dice, a tablet of drawing paper, a set of pencils and instructions for competitive play and cooperative play. Purchase your game today at their website for the low price of $12.99

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