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 I spend countless hours every year trying to find the perfect gifts for friends and family. With a select few, they don’t making shopping for them very easy. If you ask them what they would like, I get the typical “I don’t know.” or “Surprise me.”

The Mason Jar Cookie Company lets you make the most unique gifts perfect for everyone on you list!

 Every jar of cookie mix has 4 ingredients. Your cookie mix base, and 3 add ins. You can choose from sweet treats, nuts or dried fruit. You start by choosing your cookie base. You can choose from five different cookie bases. Traditional, Oatmeal, Gluten Free, Peanut Butter or Chocolate.  

Next you get to add your sweets! This was the hardest part of making our cookie mix. With over thirty sweet add in to pick from you can make unlimited cookie mix creations. You can pick from your favorite candies, cereals, nuts and dried fruits. They even have special sweet add ins for the holidays! You can pick from crushed candy cane pieces, green and red Christmas tree sprinkles and red and green colored M&Ms.

The Mason Cookie Jar Company even has the option to make Gluten Free cookie mixes! They offer a Gluten Free base and a large selection of over six different varieties of nuts and nine different varieties of dried fruits to create a fun and yummy Gluten Free Cookie Mix for that special person on your list.

But wait! Your not done yet! Now that you have created your very own cookie mix blend, it’s time to give your cookie creation and amazing name! Don’t forget to add a special note if this is a gift for someone!

Deciding on our cookie mix creation was a lot of fun. We let each of the kids pick one of the four ingredients. Our cookie mix includes the traditional cookie base, chocolate chips, colorful M&Ms and marshmallows! YUMMMM!  The kids said that it looked like sand are but with food.

Not sure you want to create your own cookie mix creation? The Mason Jar Cookie Company has created three very special holiday mixes to make your holiday shopping and baking even easier! Chocolate Covered Candy Cane, The Ho Ho Ho Blend and The Menorah Light Blend.

Chocolate Covered Candy Cane cookies is made with the chocolate cookie base, crushed candy cane and yummy white chocolate chips.

The Ho Ho Ho Blend is made with the traditional cookie base, chocolate chips and festive red and green M&Ms.

The Menorah Light Blend is made with the oatmeal cookie base, creamy white chocolate chips and dried pineapple.

Right now you can save big on shipping! Orders of three or more jars will receive a 30% discount on shipping! Want to learn more about The Mason Jar Cookie Company? Visit their website here. Stay up to date on all the latest news, deals and promotions by following The Mason Jar Cookie Company on Facebook and Pinterest.

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