Start a Family Tradition with The Blessing Bell

Start a Family Tradition with The Blessing Bell

Blessing Bell

I have always wanted to start a tradition with my kids that they would want to continue with their children. Growing up I was lucky to have my grandmother be a huge part of my life. She had started many traditions with my and my siblings that I cherish now more than ever.

My grandmother was diagnosed with pancreatic and liver cancer this past September. It was the most devastating news that I have ever received. She fought a hell of a battle but unfortunately passed away. During her last few weeks it got harder for her to do things on her own. She needed help doing things that we take for granted everyday. I gave her the The Blessing Bell as a gift. She absolutely loved it. She would ring it just to hear the beautiful sound that it makes, when she needed someone to help her or she needed a drink.


The story behind The Blessing Bell:

As a child, Lynell Hecht’s family had a special bell in their house that they rang on many occasions. From celebrations, to having it by a bedside in case of a nightmare or when one of them had a stomach bug, this bell was put to good use. There were four children in the family and they often joked about which one would inherit this highly coveted bell. That was no longer a question when it was lost in a house fire. As adults, they all found bells of their own. And the traditions continued.

The bell comes with a poem that I have found myself reading a lot lately. I really miss my grandmother and keep the bell close to me, especially at night when it sits on my nightstand.

The Blessing Bell

Ring this bell when you receive it,
And always keep it near.
Ring it for celebrations
To add to joy and cheer.
Ring it when you are afraid or sick
And when your voice may not be heard.
Help is just a ring away
Your need can be answered.
Ring this bell for rites of passage
For good times and the bad
Some occasions will be happy
And some moments will be sad.
Pass this bell on to a loved one
With stories you can tell
Of memories in your life
That include The Blessing Bell.

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