Have you ever had to raise money for an event? Maybe your little league need new uniforms and you don’t want to hit the parents with the full cost? What about that school dance that your student body has been wanting to take but the cost is just a little to much. What if you were able to offset the costs or maybe even fund the entire thing?

TeeSpring allows you to do just that! I can’t even begin to tell you how simple it is either! In just a matter of minutes you can be on your way to raising money for your favorite cause, event or charity! I know you are thinking to your self that this sounds way to good to be true, but it isn’t. What TeeSpring does is allows you to create a super awesome t-shirt, launch a campaign and start raising money.

It is so easy that you will be ready to go in just THREE simple steps!

Step 1 is my favorite part! Using TeeSpring’s online designer create your perfect t-shirt! Be creative, after all the shirt represents your cause! You can even upload your own artwork, pictures, logos or designs. Don’t worry if you don’t feel that artistic, TeeSpring has a  library of over 10,000 pieces of art and more than 50 fonts. Your creations are endless! Pick what kind of shirt you want to create and sell. Do you want to sell basic tees? Hoodies? Both?

Step 2 is where you set your goal. How much money are you looking to raise? Are you looking to fund the full amount or offset the costs? Depending on how much you want to raise determines your sales goal. Decided on what  is the minimum number of shirts you’ll need to sell in order for the shirts to be printed!

You are almost done! The final step is to choose a title and description for your campaign! This step is just as important as the first. Let your cause be known. Why should people buy your shirt? Other than because it is AWESOME. Describe your shirt. Why did you decide on the design? If it is art work you created what inspired you. Be sure to link to your website if you have one. The more information the better.

Ready to start raising money for your cause? Head on over to TeeSpring and get started now!

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