Take Five — Your Best and Brightest Skin in Minutes

Take Five — Your Best and Brightest Skin in Minutes

It’s no secret that busy moms often have to overlook their morning beauty routines to get the kids washed, fed and out the door. But don’t feel under pressure to create a spa-like experience to look your best — experts tend to agree that a simple morning routine of using a mild soap and gentle moisturizer is the most effective way to keep skin calm and glowing.

When you rise, and again before bed, turn on the tap and work up a lather by using a foaming cleanser or even a simple bar soap. Look for something labeled “mild” or “unscented.” These usually wash away quickly without leaving residue, resulting in dewier skin and precious seconds saved in the bathroom. If a cleanser leaves your skin feeling tight, it’s probably too strong for your skin type. Follow the same rules when looking for a moisturizer, but try to pick one with built-in SPF. This is especially important if you’d rather go without make-up (which often contains SPF as well.)

Scientists say that skin repairs itself while you sleep, so evening is the ideal time to apply a harder-working product, particularly around your ever-sensitive eye area. Look for an anti-ageing cream that contains retinol. It’s recently been hailed as the most effective wrinkle-fighter, and can be found in lots of creams priced at a reasonable level—you don’t need a doctor’s prescription or a hefty wallet to get your hands on it nowadays. Your anti-ageing retinol cream can replace your daytime moisturizer, since you won’t need sun protection at night!

If you’re feeling crafty, or want to go as organic as it gets, lots of vitamin-rich foods are just as great for your outsides as your insides! You can create a gorgeous-smelling body scrub by combining three parts sugar with one part olive oil and a few drops of any essential oil you’d like (you can find them for a few dollars at any health-food store). Use your homemade scrub before shaving your legs for especially smooth skin! Similarly, you can spread a mashed avocado over your skin as a replacement body butter. Let it sink in for five minutes, or however long you can spare, rinse off, and go! Though it may seem silly to let it sit for a bit, it actually saves time by eliminating those minutes it takes for post-shower body lotion to dry.

So though you may be busy day and night looking after your boisterous brood, remember to take a few minutes of me time. Five minutes is really all you need to keep your skin healthy, smooth, and “naturally” sweet-smelling!

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