Surprise That Special Mom to Be with Ilado Maternity Jewelry

It is easy to shop for babies whether it be for clothes, toys or baby gear but what about the perfect gift for that new first time mom or mom to be? Whether it is her first child or third, Mom deserves a present that she will love and allow her to bond with her baby during pregnancy and after her bundle of joy arrives.

Ilado maternity jewelry strives to strengthen that ever so special connection, by reviving the ancestral Mayan tradition of bell maternity necklaces as a meaningful jewelry piece for today’s mothers. The soft chime of gorgeous pendants, a source of peace and serenity, helps mothers-to-be to bond with baby throughout pregnancy and, after the birth, soothes the newborn with its familiar melody.

Ilado maternity jewelry offers several different benefits to both mom and baby throughout their pregnancy and baby’s first year. The first benefit helps relax mothers-to-be. The soft vibrations of the maternity necklace can lead towards a state of well-being. The second benefit starts around the 26th week of pregnancy, baby will become progressively more responsive to familiar sounds in the natural environment. The beating of Mom’s heart, her breathing – as well as external sound stimuli such as voices, music and song. The abdominal wall filters out and muffles high pitched sounds. However, baby can hear low-frequency sounds like deep voices or low notes.

The third benefit reassures the newborn. It has been proven that newborns recognize certain sounds heard during pregnancy, like their mother’s heartbeat, and that is a source of comfort for them. Place the chiming pendant securely inside the Ilado lovey. Its soft melody will remind sweet baby of the feeling of security and well-being inside the womb, and help newborns peacefully adapt to the outside world. Ilado Maternity Jewelry is available for purchase at

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