Stress-Free Tips For Getting Your Kids Back To School

Stress-Free Tips For Getting Your Kids Back To School

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Only your kids are due back in the classroom this fall, but the whole family can experience back to school jitters. It marks the end of the summer holidays and the start of a busy time of year. If you’re worried about the change in routine, take a look at these stress-busting tips. They can help calm everyone’s nerves in time for the bell.

Think About the Family’s Sleep Hygiene

The summer is synonymous with late nights, as warm weather and no early morning obligations make it easy for your kids to stay up well past their usual bedtime. Once school starts, they won’t be able to sleep in; school starts as early as 7 a.m. in parts of the country. If you continue to allow your children to stay up late during the school week, they’ll run up a sleep deficit quickly.

Sleep is incredibly important for their performance in the classroom. It also gives them the tools to manage their stress better. To make sure they’re getting enough sleep, make it a rule that everyone in the family has to get eight hours. Set a routine a couple of weeks before school starts, so waking up early doesn’t come as much of a shock as it could be.

Make a habit of planning ahead

Part of the reason why your family feels stressed is that they’re unprepared, forced to perform under a time crunch. You can eliminate some of these issues simply by planning ahead and managing your family’s time properly.

Don’t wait until the night before the first day of school to figure out what they need for the week ahead. Figure out everyone’s schedule ahead of time and arrange it on a calendar where everyone can see. Break down each task on this calendar into steps, so you know how much time you’ll need for each chore. You can save additional time by doing things the night before. Picking out their clothes or making their lunches ahead of time will give you more breathing room in the morning.

Be Smart About School Supplies

Though timing is important, it’s not the only thing adding stress to the season. For adults buying school supplies, the cost of these items puts pressure on their budgets. Last year, the country spent $29.5 billion on back to school shopping on grades K–12. You can expect to spend more as your children grow, too. According to the latest data, you’ll spend:

$6629 for each child attending elementary school
$1,001 for each child attending middle school
$1,489 for each child attending high school

This can be challenging to take on with a limited budget. You can keep some of your costs low by spacing out your non-essential supplies over several weeks, so you aren’t hit by such a huge bill at the beginning of September. You can also find additional savings by using shopping apps that offer rebates and other special deals.

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The fall is a stressful season for the entire family. Everyone faces a massive change to their routine at a time that poses unique challenges to your budget. Don’t let your nerves get the best of you. Put your best face forward by planning well, and you’ll greet the start of school with your peace of mind intact.

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