SOS Novelties 3-in-1 Lueur Mon Amour Candle Review


  I absolutely love candles! So when I had the chance to review a SOS Novelties 3-in-1 Lueur Mon Amour you better believe that I jumped at the chance! I received my SOS Novelties 3-in-1 candle in Glow My Love. The smell was amazing. The most unique thing about SOS Novelties 3-in-1 candles is a candle, emollient lotion and massage oil all in one! You can use the cold candle as an emollient lotion to leave your skin soft. When you warm the candle the wax turns to a silky massage oil to help set the mood in a matter of minutes. Or you can just light a few and enjoy the amazing light scent.

When I first got my candle, I had to try it as the lotion. I loved how it left a light scent nothing over powering. It also surprisingly didn’t leave an oily or waxy feeling on my skin. Next I lit my candle to see how it smelt. OMG!! It was amazing. The fragrance was so light and appropriate.  Finally, I used me candle as the massage oil. The oil was perfect. Had the light amazing smell, felt great when massaged into my skin. The oil was the perfect temperature. It didn’t burn or feel too hot. SOS Novelties 3-in-1 candles are made with aloe vera oil, apricot oil and coconut oil.  They are all-natural and eco-friendly.  SOS Novelties 3-in-1 candle retail for about $49.99 and can be purchased online at SOS Novelties site.

(I received a SOS 3-in-1 Candle to write my review. All opinions stated are my own truthful opinion. I was in no way influenced by the review sponsor or by receiving a free candle.)

2 comments for “SOS Novelties 3-in-1 Lueur Mon Amour Candle Review

  1. April 3, 2012 at 11:55 pm

    I can’t believe they can make a candle that’s also a lotion and massage oil. Definitely something I’ll have to try at some point! Great review.

  2. junetta
    March 12, 2013 at 9:17 am

    Oohh I WANT ONE!

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