Say Goodbye to Bulky Ornaments and Hello to Magic Ornaments

Magic Ornaments® finally solve the age old problem of bulky, fragile, expensive, and storage consuming Christmas ornaments. That’s because Magic Ornaments are collapsible ornaments that go from being completely flat to 3-D in a matter of seconds. No one looking at a tree adorned with these forty beautiful ornaments will suspect that ALL of them together (including the wired ribbon garland) collapse down to fit into one envelope. With the patent pending Magic Ornaments, people living in apartments, businesses, and everyone who appreciates beautiful ornaments will be able to enjoy having a Christmas tree without having to cope with fragile, heavy, and storage consuming ornaments ever again. They make amazing gifts! 

The set contains everything that is needed to decorate a typical Christmas tree. It includesglitter and mirror finish balls, stars, swirls, angels, snowflakes, a wired ribbon garland, and a star of Bethlehem tree topper. The inventive design of the ball ornaments makes it possible to transform flat sheets into traditional ball ornaments simply by pulling on a drawstring. Made from durable plastics and card stock, Magic Ornaments will last for many years.

There is also a special bonus feature to Magic Ornaments. Because many of them have a different color on each side, one can ‘change’ their color simply by turning them inside out. Thus, everyone can choose which color theme they would like each year.With Magic Ornaments’ versatility, it’s like getting two ornament sets for the price of one, and the space consumption of none.

Magic Ornaments retail for $59.95 and be available for purchase on their website:, and on select online markets.

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