Saving Money While Completing My Spring DIY Projects With Groupon

Saving Money While Completing My Spring DIY Projects With Groupon

****This is a sponsored post by Mommy and Baby Reviews on behalf of Groupon.****


This spring has been full of DIY projects that I really wanted to get completed before the warmer summer months arrive and I loose my motivation. Even the kids are helping with the projects and working together to complete them. Our big project before summer arrives is putting up the pool!

Home Depot has been our to go to store for everything we need for our projects. We have made multiple weekly visits for block, flowers, cement, and more that we need. We just finished up fixing the garden off of our back porch. Bug had a ball helping her dad digging the trench for the Belgium block. She really loved learning how to use the pick to break up the dirt and dig threw the rocks.
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