Rheos Gear Floating Sunglasses Make Great Stocking Stuffers for Kids and Adults

Our kids love spending time fishing and swimming in the lake. They spend most of their Summer vacation near or in the water. There is no surprise that the one item the kids lose the most when spending time by the lake is their sunglasses. Once they fall in, there is no getting them back.

Rheos Gear Floating Sunglasses make a great affordable and practical gift for anyone who loves spending time by the water!

Rheos rival luxury brands in both style and quality, but are incomparably more comfortable thanks to their frame material being 20 – 30% lighter than the other guys. Due to the sunglasses being weighless, Rheos float unlike other brands that sink. That means no more losing expensive sunglasses when the kids are swimming at the beach, kayaking on a lake, or fishing by the river! 

Rheos sunglasses feature premium polarized lenses that are scratch resistant and 100% UV protected. They have sunglasses for kids and adults is assorted styles and colors. They retail for just around $50 a pair for adults and $30 for kids. To learn more about Rheos Gear floating sunglasses visit the Rheos Gear website.

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