Redneck Roadkill – Radio Controlled Vintage Pick-Up Trucks are on Top of Our Holiday Wish Lists

There is one gift that have never failed in out house when it comes to the hubby and the kids. They are all obsessed with anything that is remote controlled. Each year we add something new to their collection and I have to say this year’s addition is pretty gnarly!

Redneck Roadkill are one of a kind radio controlled vintage Pick-Up Trucks that makes the perfect (or not so perfect) for the rednecks in your life. These one of a kind remote control trucks are more than just a toy! It is a game that lets you maul the armadillo, waste the squirrel and pulverize the skunk (all break-apart foam) with your radio-controlled vintage pick-up truck.

There are five different trucks to choose from and collect, including the Zombie Roadkill Escape. The trucks retail for under $30 and make a great gift for teens ages 14+ and adults. Redneck Roadkill is available nationwide on the Redneck Roadkill site, as well as on Amazon Redneck Roadkill.

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