Protect Your Home with a Wireless Video Doorbell

Keeping your family and home safe is extremely important to everyone, especially when you are not home. You can easily protect your home with a wireless video doorbell. Installation is quick, easy and it is a great way to see who is near your home or door anytime, no matter where your are. You will automatically get an alert and video on your phone if some one pushes your doorbell or if the sensor picks up any motion.

HD 1080*720 resolution doorbell camera with 166° wide angle, easy to setup, you will never miss any visitor who at front of door.

Once you install your wireless video doorbell. Download the “XSH cam” app and connect 2.4GHz Wifi (NOT 5G) to your smartphone. Live video of visitors can be seen with your cellphone at anywhere. Two-way audio with noise cancellation allow you to hear and speak to anyone at the door.

When motion is detected in front of the door the doorbell will auto send a message to your cellphone. The doorbell auto switches from day vision to night vision mode so that it can easily pick up any motion or activity at night using infrared night vision!
The wireless doorbell does offer a free video cloud service via “XSH cam” app that saves a limited amount of videos in cloud. The app supports storage of 20 videos every day, each video is 9 seconds long. Once there are 7 days worth of videos, it will start rerecording. You can purchase an external SD card and install it inside the camera by the batteries to increase storage. The videos will be auto recorded on doorbells removable SD card (not included) everyday. You can review, save, and share footage at any time.

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