Man Crates is the Ultimate Gift for Guys

Man Crates is the ultimate online gift-giving destination with gift sets for every man in your life – whether it’s your father, husband, boyfriend, etc. Each crate comes with a themed assortment of carefully-curated, high quality and luxury goods. Many of the gift sets come packaged inside a wooden crate, so the recipient gets to pry it open with a crowbar – making opening the gift part of the gift! 

Knife Making Kit
Price: $149.99

The Knife Making Project Kit gives every guy the opportunity to design, craft, and perfect his trustiest tool. The hollow ground blade features a thumb notch for comfortable handling and easy maneuverability, and is manufactured with the durability to outlast its maker. With maple handle scales, brass bolsters, mosaic pins, and a vegetable-tanned leather sheath, the knife will develop its own unique character through the process of shaping and staining. 

Hot Sauce Making Kit Price: $79.99

The Hot Sauce-Making Projects Kit is a do-it-himself, gloves-on experience for the high-stakes heat-seeker. We’ve included a hand-pull food processor, corrosion-resistant funnel, and chemical proof gloves for safety, and three Boston Round Bottles for style. The Official Man Crates Hot Sauce Making Guide is a culinary masterclass, complete with three superb starter recipes.

Puzzle Box Gift Card Price: $129.99

Man Crates has a thing for testing a man’s strength with most of their wooden crates coming with a crowbar to be used to pry open the lid. The Puzzle Box Gift Card, however, tests the most important muscle of all – the brain. He’ll receive a mysterious box that can only be opened by solving a handful of riddles and discovering clues hidden within anti-forgery ink, with “keys” to help him solve the accompanying interactive digital experience accessed through his smartphone or computer. Once he cracks the lockbox, he’ll be rewarded with a gift card, a Thunderbird butane torch lighter, or a set of 6 whiskey stones.

To learn more about all of the crates available, please visit the Man Crates website.

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