Make Your Home a Green House with These Eco-Friendly Tips

Aspiring to live a greener life is a positive choice which not only helps you but also the environment and the planet as a whole. If you’re new to eco-friendly living, however, it can be hard to know where to start in order to have the most impact. With these green living tips, you can lower your carbon footprint while saving some money at the same time. It’s a win-win!

Buy Energy-Efficient Products

The simplest way to lower your home’s consumption is to invest in energy-efficient products when the time comes to buy new appliances. Whether you’re completing a new build or your old machines have broken and need to go, modern energy-efficient appliances are capable of producing the same results while consuming less energy, making your impact on the environment and their impact on your electric bill go down.

Wait Until Change is Needed

While energy-efficient appliances and light bulbs are great for the world and your bank account, one mistake well-meaning people make is swapping out perfectly good electric products for energy-efficient options before it is necessary. While an energy-efficient bulb or appliance consumes less, there is still consumption involved in their production, so if your home already has working appliances or bulbs which are not efficient, it’s often still a net gain to keep using them until they need to be replaced before making the switch.

Reduce Your Waste

When in doubt, reducing the amount of waste your home is producing is always a good thing. Making simple changes around the home like getting rid of single-use water bottles and filling up from the tap or using a home filtration system reduces the amount of non-biodegradable materials that end up in dumpsters. When you do use products like bottles and cans, always make sure that you follow your local recycling regulations to ensure that all salvageable materials are recycled.

Shut Off Unused Electronics

One of the simplest habits to fall into which has a negative impact on your consumption and eco-footprint is not shutting off electronics. While light switches are the most commonly cited example, that’s not where the possible savings ends. You can also reduce your impact by making sure that products that feature sleep modes, such as computers, monitors and televisions, are shut off completely instead of simply sleeping where they continue to use small amounts of power. A simple way to complete this is with a surge protector that has an on-off switch.

Buy Insulated Windows

Many homeowners have questions about heating and cooling of their home and how to make it less expensive, and one solution which is often missed is changing a home’s windows to modern, insulated options. Insulation helps to keep the weather outside your home outside of your home, so you use less energy and spend less money staying comfortable.

Take Up Composting and Gardening

Not all positive changes you make have to do with how much energy your home is using. One simple way to live a greener life is to practice composting for a home garden. Growing your own fresh fruits and vegetables allows you to get delicious, fresh produce and composting in order to provide nutrition for your soil reduces your need to use chemical fertilizers.

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