Keep it classy with Mustache Man Party Supplies from Birthday Express

Keep it classy with Mustache Man Party Supplies from Birthday Express

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Prepare to party in style with Mustache Man party supplies from Birthday Express. The Mustache Man party theme is probably one of the most versatile themes available. It can work perfectly for dress-up parties, kids parties, baby showers and first birthdays.

Throwing the perfect mustache bash can be easy because there are so many ways to mix and match products, along with fun games and decorating ideas that coordinate with the theme. 

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Food & Drink Ideas – Find some old soda bottles or mason jar mugs and fill them up with blue Gatorade. The light bluish color will match perfectly with the Mustache Man theme and you can serve them with the Mustache Party Straws. For a sweet treat, serve your guests cupcakes with a Mustache Man Ring, featured below, as a cake topper. 

Party Activities – Get creative with your game play and create your own “Pin the Mustache” game, a spin-off of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Or, go the classic route with aMustache Pull-String Pinata that’s full of fun little party favors and candy. 

Party Decor – To add some pop to your Mustache Man party theme, add in some solid color decor for accents. Lime green balloons will coordinate great with the theme, along with a Mustache Foil Shaped Balloon.

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  1. Mustache Man Centerpiece
  2. Black Mustache Ring
  3. Green Apple Rock Candy Stick
  4. Hanging Mustache Decor
  5. Mustache Man Dinner Plates (8)
  6. Mustache Man Dessert Plates (8)
  7. Mustache Man Lunch Napkins (20)

For a full selection of Mustache Man party supplies, visit Birthday Express – you won’t find this theme anywhere else! 


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  1. July 22, 2014 at 3:48 am

    Oh my lawd!! I gushed so loud I woke my nephew lol I’m obsessed with mustache prints. Last year, my wardrobe was full of clothes with mustache prints on them. I will use this theme in my nephew’s part next month :)

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