Kair Bath Visor

Mommy and Baby Reviews recently had the opportunity to work with Kair and review one of their new unique bath visors. I don’t know how many fights I have had with the kids when it comes to washing their hair. Cheyenne loves takes baths and showers but hates when it comes time to wash her hair. She was beyond excited when her Kair Bath Visor arrived. Her favorite color is green so she loved it even more.  When I first heard of Kair Bath Visors, to be honest I thought to myself can these really work and make washing hair enjoyable. YES it does! Not only did Cheyenne think it was awesome to wear a visor in the shower but it got her excited to get her hair washed. This is a HUGE win for mom! Kair Bath Visors have a patented unique air cushion seal. The air cushion seal is where the magic it. The seal works just like and inner tube to work for all head shapes and sizes. This is a BIG plus because I don’t have to buy a separate visor for each of the kids. By utilizing the EVEN and GENTLE air pressure inside the sealing tube, Kair provides consistent sealing effects along the hairline. KAIR guarantees comfort and leak proof. Cheyenne couldn’t wait to put on her Kair Bath Visor. She even wanted to try washing her hair by herself. I love how the kids can wear the bath visor two different ways. The older kids love wearing it so they can see the water run down in front of their eyes without coming in contact with the soapy water to irritate the eyes.

Mommy and Baby Reviews favorite feature of Kair Bath Visors is that using them helps encourage and build your child’s confidence! Kids feel great when they learn and accomplish a new task on their own. You can watch your children learn and grow! Kair Bath Visors are available in three different colors, green/yellow, pink/purple and blue. Kair Bath Visors can easily be used in bath or shower, and is easy to travel with.


Kair Bath Visor, also referred as Shampoo Shield, Shower Visor or Shampoo Visor, is invented by a Dad tired of the fussy bath time routine at his house. The KAIR Bath Visor is the elite, ultimate shampoo solution for kids and parents alike. No more fight and fuss when time comes to wash your kids’ hair. Just Wear, Wash and Smile! As an added benefit, KAIR can be used for older kids to teach themselves to wash their own hair! As soon as their arms can reach to the top of their head, about age 3, they can get the feel of shampooing and rinsing without worrying about getting shampoo and water in their eyes.


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(A special thank you to Kair for sending Mommy and Baby Reviews the bath visor to review free of charge. All opinions stated in our review are our own truthfully opinion and were not influenced by the sponsor or from getting the review product free of charge. We were in no way compensated for our review or opinion. Mommy and Baby Reviews only recommends products and services that we feel are a good fit for our readers.)

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