Protect Your Pictures, Projects and More with a Laminating Machine

laminating machine

It is important for me to keep the kids projects from school or their pictures protected for me to pass on to them when they are older. I remember when I was younger my mom would use contact paper to keep the projects I made safe. Using a laminating machine allows me to quickly keep their memories safe without having to worry about causing damage or spending hours using contact paper.

The JZBRAIN thermal laminator is a four in one machine that not only laminates but is also a paper cutter and corner rounder. You can cut up to 8 piece of paper at a time using the built in paper cutter. The laminator is perfect for documents, posters, photos, post cards and other similar projects. Inside the box is 20 heat-activated adhesive pouches, so that you are able to start using the machine right out of the box.

The laminator heats up quickly, it takes about 3-5 minutes, making it not only easy to use but lets you work on your projects without having to wait around for a machine to warm up. The machine is capable of both hot and cold lamination. One of the most important features that I love about the laminator is that it has a heavy duty lock on the built in paper cutter. It gives me piece of mind knowing that the kids won’t get hurt if they were to try using it.

Order your own JZBRAIN thermal laminator here:

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