Jimmy Dean Bowls are the Perfect Meal Solution for Busy Mornings!

Jimmy Dean® Bowls are the Perfect Meal Solution for Busy Mornings!

Jimmy Dean Bowls

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With the kids back in school, our morning routine has been quite hectic. This year every one is going to different schools, which means everyone needs to leave at different times. Breakfast has been a challenge to say the least. I want to make sure that everyone is getting a balanced meal that they enjoy. Something other than a cold bowl of cereal or quick piece of fruit.

Jimmy Dean® 9oz. Burrito Breakfast Bowls allow my family to enjoy a hot breakfast without the prep or clean up. These 9oz. bowls offer a total meal solution. There is no need to add additional ingredients to the bowl. Just heat and enjoy. The kids have been enjoying the bowls for after school snacks when they get home and even for dinner. The new bowl flavors are made with premium ingredients such as seasoned red potatoes, specialty sauces, and other unique ingredients. Depending on which flavor you choose, each bowl has 21-23 grams of protein.

Breakfast Bowls

Jimmy Dean 9 ounce bowls are available in three different flavors:

Jimmy Dean Loaded Potato

Jimmy Dean Breakfast Burrito

Jimmy Dean Ranchero Steak and Eggs

You can find Jimmy Dean 9 oz. Bowls in your retailer’s frozen breakfast aisle. Right now you can save $0.75 on Jimmy Dean 9 oz. Bowls: Loaded Potato Bowl, Burrito Bowl, or Ranchero Steak & Eggs Bowl at your favorite Albertsons stores.


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