How to Improve Energy Efficiency of Your Home

How to Improve Energy Efficiency of Your Home

Today more than ever, homeowners are aware of energy efficiency and importance. In fact, there is an entire market providing product and services that should reduce energy costs and help you live without thinking of possible price fluctuations.

These fluctuations are the real reason why people are so concerned. We have seen a steady increase in water and electricity prices in the last 20 years. With the current global state, these prices can only go up. It is hard to predict future but we can safely say that soon enough everything that seems expensive today will be 10 times more in the future.

This is why you need to become aware of your surrounding and do everything in your power to prepare for the future. Following tips will help you do precisely that.

Adding a Water Collection System

There are numerous ways to collect water. Water tanks, water barrels and stormwater pits are the most popular ones. While systems such as stormwater pits are rather rudimentary, water tanks can be regarded as an advanced solution.
In any case, it all comes down to collecting rainwater. While stormwater pits and barrels are used primarily for storing, water tank can also filter and distribute the water throughout the house. This way you can even use rainwater for your own hygienic purposes.
Barrels are the cheapest solutions and this water can be used for gardening. Tanks are expensive but are amazing in the long run giving your full independence.

Solar Panels

Similar to water, you can save a lot of money by generating your own electricity.
Solar panels were pretty hard item to get until recently. Nowadays, they are much more affordable and homeowners are slowly starting to warm up to them. To be honest, there is a good reason for this.
Although they still represent a hefty initial investment, different governments are giving subsidies to people who install them. This is especially true for people doing agricultural business. Panels are a good way to improve and stimulate the whole industry making it more efficient.
Anyway, it is still affordable to get a few of them as they quickly pay for themselves.


There are so many things to consider when it comes to insulation.
First and foremost, good isolation is a must if you wish to reduce your heating costs during the winter. You constantly lose heat and due to this you need to turn on your appliances more and more. Majority of loss comes from windows and doors. Window frames may have small holes through which cold air will start entering. This can be fixed with some silicone.

Another common issue is caused by neglecting your furnace. You need to disassemble it prior to each winter and clean every part individually. You also need to see if everything is working properly. Otherwise, furnace may spend the normal amount of power but will work with limited efficiency losing you money in the process.


You can add numerous improvements and improve your energy efficiency. In fact, you should stay on your toes and check the market once in a while. There are constantly new solutions and system from which you might benefit. In the end, solar panels were also a new technology until recently.

By getting one of these systems, you won’t see the instant benefit. But the profit will certainly be there after a while. And on top of that you will be doing a good deed by protecting the planet.

Have you installed a new energy system recently? What is your experience? Share it in the comment section below!

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