#FriendsofBeneful Wishes You and Your Family a Very #HappyHolidays

#FriendsofBeneful Wishes You and Your Family a Very #HappyHolidays


2016 has been an extremely hard year for myself and my family. Earlier this year I lost my God Father to prostate cancer. In June, I broke my wrist and arm severely and needed emergency surgery.I recently just lost my Grandmother. to pancreatic and liver cancer. It has been an overwhelming year to say the least. The holidays used to be a very happy and exciting time of the year for my family and this year, it seems like we are just trying to get through them a day at a time.


I was extremely close to my grandmother. She was my best friend and the kindest woman I ever had the privilege of knowing. If it was not for the kids, I would just skip the holidays. This year instead of everyone hosting their own holidays at their own houses, we are all heading to my parents house and spending the holiday together. Of course Johnny Cash will be with us too!


While packing for the kids, my husband and myself is stressful enough, it does not get any easier packing for Johnny Cash. He is a very pampered puppy. He will not eat anything other than Beneful dog food, so I have to make sure that we pick up a bag to take with us. It is very important that we keep him on his regular diet while traveling, this will help keep his tummy from getting unsettled.

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