Guys will Love Finding T-Rexbrand Products Under the Tree and in Their Stockings

T-Rex Workbench

When it comes to guys, it is no surprise that duct tape is one of their favorite products to fix just about everything (86% agree that duct tape is their first choice for repair).  Especially my husband. This year, for the great guy on your holiday shopping list, don’t let them throw just any roll into their work bench or tackle box, choose one that meets the most extreme needs.   

T-Rexbrand (preferred by Survivor man, Les Stroud) offers all-weather protection that works longer and holds stronger. T-Rex Tape has waterproof backing, high tensile strength, double thick adhesive. This fiercely strong and durable duct tape is available in white and silver. It is designed for those moments when you need intense holding power, no matter the application. T-Rex packing tape is 100 times stronger than acrylic based tapes, this thick and strong packing tape is designed to seal even the heaviest boxes safely and securely for moving, shipping and storage.

Check out the variety of products available to add to your holiday shopping list here:

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