Go On An Adventure this Holiday with Gnome On The Roam®

Start a new tradition this holiday with My Gnome on the Roam®. Your kids will love taking their Gnome on adventures with them and creating memories. My Gnome on the Roam kit is more than just a toy and a book gift and was designed to provide tools and inspiration for busy families to explore, create and connect.

The kit includes a copy of the My Gnome on the Roam award winning story book, an adventure journal filled with blank pages, a colorless ready-to-be-painted gnome and a magical pen. After reading the story book, families are encouraged to take their gnome out to explore the world beyond their own picket fence, to record their story and to share it with the broader community via My Gnome on the Roam’s app and social sites.

My Gnome on the Roam’s mission is to help families build creative adventures and fun memories in as little as 30 minutes a week. My Gnome on the Roam has won prestigious awards, including My National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, Parents’ Choice, Dr. Toy and Creative Child’s Creative Toy of the Year Awards!

My Gnome on the Roam adventure kit is perfect for kids ages 3 to 12. It was created by busy working mom and middle school teacher, Anne Armstrong. My Gnome on the Roam® Adventure Kit retails for $29.97 and is available for purchase via Amazon and comes in an adorable, ready-to-roam suitcase. It also comes as a customizable Traveling Adventure Gnome with Home, which includes the gnome and his cardboard house.

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