Give Kids the Gift of Creativity with Creation Crate

Creation Crate combines hands-on projects with online courses to teach anyone aged 12+ real-world skills in electronics and coding. It is a great project for kids to do with their parents or guardian while learning challenging skills.

Users receive all the components they need and access to an online course
for each project they receive. Projects become progressively more challenging and build on the lessons learned in the prior month. The first kit you receive with your subscription is the Mood Lamp. This project will show you how to build a lamp that changes colors and only turns on when it is dark. 


Throughout their subscription, kids could learn how to program a bluetooth boombox, weather station, roverbot, and more. Here is a video of the Obstacle Avoiding Roverbot project, to give you an idea of what the projects look like.

Creation Crate offers several different ways to get in on the fun. Whether you are interested in purchasing individual kits or surprising a special child with a Creation Crate subscription, your child will receive a gift they love building while learning. To learn more about Creation Crate please visit them at:

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