Gifts For Her This Holiday Season

Gifts For Her This Holiday Season

gifts for her

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With the holiday season just weeks away, are you feeling a little stumped about what to get the special lady in your life? And it seems like she already has everything!

Fortunately there is a selection of gizmos and gadgets on the market that make perfect gifts for her – from something for the fitness fanatic to the fashion-savvy lady, here are a couple ideas to get you started.

If She Likes Hobbies

Sometimes just drinking margaritas with the girls isn’t enough. So why not get her a mixology kit, especially if she has an adventurous palate that combines chemistry, art and alcohol for fun experiments with all her favorite cocktails. These kits usually come with different mixers and a selection of recipes. As far as gifts for her go, this one is sure to be a hit.

For the Photo-Fanatic

Instant photo sharing is all the rage, so why not pick her up a digital camera or better yet, one that prints photos instantly for her to add to the scrapbook.

For the Botanist

If your lady has green fingers, consider a high-tech device like Botanicalls which make plant ownership super simple. The device has been designed to let plants tweet you when they need looking after!

For the Work-At-Home Mum

If your lovely lady works from home and spends most of the day cooped up indoors, one of the best gifts for her has to be the Verilux HappyLight which offers simulated natural daylight indoors. The lamps are supposed to increase productivity and focus while boosting energy levels and moods.

For The Reader

Readers will absolutely adore the 6th generation Amazon Kindle e-reader. The Paperwhite has proved extremely popular owing to its improved visual clarity, Wi-Fi capabilities and faster processor along with built-in light that reduces eye stress and an extended battery life. It’s also a lighter model and effortlessly portable. Best of all, the Paperwhite can hold over 1000 books.

For the Trendy

For modern gifts for her, consider 3D-printed jewellery. If your fashion-conscious lady is tech-savvy too, she’ll go crazy for this phenomenon. A number of top designers have already featured 3D prints in their collections so you can purchase a piece or, if you’re feeling creative, design a custom piece for your beloved.

And then there’s colour changing nail polish which make for great stocking fillers this holiday season. What you get is two nail polishes in one and the colour changes when exposed to sunlight.

A hustle bag is truly for the on-the-go trendsetter. It’s a great option for making sure mobiles are charged at all times and it’s trendy too. The bags are handy clutch-styles or wallets and come in either premium or faux leather to fit all the essentials from credit cards and smartphone to makeup and cash. The bags will charge a phone four times before they need charging themselves.

For the Fitness Fundi

Fitness trackers have become hugely popular of late for health-conscious consumers. Some of the more popular brands include FitBit; Jawbone UP and Nike Fuelband. Wireless headphones are also great gifts for her if she loves to work out. Listening to music and training go hand in hand and wireless headphones offer comfort and convenience minus pesky cords that get in the way.

Jumping rope has always been one of the quickest ways to get fit. So consider a digital cordless jump rope which is sleek and convenient enough to throw in a gym bag. The ropes are able to keep track of how many calories are burned, time spent using the rope and the number of jumps performed. How about a smart fork? We already have smart watches and smart phones, so why not! Smart forks have been designed to help people become more aware of their eating habits by keeping track of information like number of fork servings, how long it takes you to eat a meal and more. You can then upload the data for tracking progress and advice.

Gifts for her have never been easier than this season will all the gadgets out there!


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