Four Unique And Colorful Makeup Looks

Four Unique And Colorful Makeup Looks

When Halloween or another event that require a costume rolls around, the right make-up can be
essential to completing your look. Here are some stylish ideas that use bright eyeshadow and other
attention-grabbing styles. One thing’s for sure; these looks aren’t for every day.

Rainbow eye shadow

There are lots of different ways to do rainbow eye makeup. The simplest is simply to paint stripes of
color on your lids following the familiar ROYGBIV pattern. The stripes can run either horizontal or
vertical, and both ways have advantages and drawbacks. Horizontal stripes more closely mimic the
actual shape of a rainbow, but if you have deep creases above your eyes then it may be difficult to make
space for all the colors.

Another popular way to do rainbow eye makeup is by applying shadow in the style of a smoky eye using
a different bright color at each step. For example, apply red shadow to your lid, orange to the crease,
yellow to the brow bone, green to the inside corner of your eye, blue to your lower lash line, and so on.
Feel free to get creative and try something completely different, as well.

Bird of Paradise

The bird of paradise uses bright primary colors to achieve a tropical look that’s reminiscent of the
famous flower from which the style takes its name. Bright red and yellows are essential, but you can use
green, royal blue, or pink as accent colors. Feel free to make your eye makeup as elaborate as you want.
For a more dramatic look, you can even extend color below your lower lash line and on to your cheeks
or paint colorful wings curving out from the outer corners of your eyes.

Complete the look with a bright lipstick in pink or red. If you have false eyelashes, this is a great time to
break them out. The big dramatic sweep of the lashes is a perfect finishing touch for the look.

Extreme color

If you aren’t sure that your hand is steady enough to pull off one of the above looks, don’t worry. You
can still enjoy brightly colored makeup. Simply take the same colors you would normally wear and turn
them up to eleven. For example, if you use a little silver, gold, or copper to add highlights, you can try
doing your entire look in shiny metallic shades. You can also swap out your usual tame eye shadow
colors for neon version of the same.

If that isn’t enough, check your beauty supply store for fun accessories. Augment your makeup with
rhinestones, decals, or glow in the dark paint. Just remember, a little goes a long way when it comes to
over the top design.

Animal print

If you’ve got a steady hand and are looking for a real challenge, then try an animal print look. Use liquid
eye liner to paint on the animal markings, and then color them in with shadow. Leopard print is one popular and easily recognizable look you can try, and so are zebra stripes. Some good canvases for animal print designs are your eyelids all the way up to the browbone and your lips.

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