Five Gift Ideas for a Baby’s First Birthday

Five Gift Ideas for a Baby’s First Birthday

First Birthday

Do you have a friend who is celebrating a child’s first birthday? Maybe your friend is throwing a party for the child and wants you to come over to join the lively celebration. If so, you will want to choose a gift that both your friend and his or her child will appreciate. Look at five gift ideas for a baby’s first birthday.

A Personalized Blanket

Most one-year old children still like to carry around a blanket or a stuffed animal. The soft fabric and soothing colors can give them a sense of security. One fun gift idea is a beautiful blanket that’s the perfect size for a small child. To make the blanket even more special, get it personalized with the child’s initials and maybe even a little image of a teddy bear or puppy. If the child has a theme in his or her bedroom, try selecting an image that follows the theme.

A Warm Jacket

A jacket made of durable material is another great gift idea for a one-year old. The child can wear the jacket while out on errands with mom or at home if it’s a little chilly in the house. And, if your friend is a fan of professional football, you can get a jacket displaying the team’s colors and logo. For example, looking through a selection of Steelers apparel is sure to lead you to the perfect gift for a child in a family who cheers for the team. The child can even wear the jacket if he or she travels to see the team play in person!

A Classic Storybook

Though a one-year old isn’t able to read yet, he or she probably likes to be read to by mom or dad. So, a gift in the form of a classic storybook is sure to be appreciated. Be sure to get one that is durable, with colorful images and words in large print. These qualities will contribute the family’s enjoyment of the book.

A Poster

Does your friend’s child have bedroom featuring a particular theme? Maybe the theme of the décor involves a cartoon character or a famous character in a storybook. A poster that flows with the theme of the child’s bedroom is sure to please his or her parents. This is a thoughtful gift that will add to the look of the child’s room.

A Mobile

The child belonging to your friend is sure to appreciate a mobile over his or her bed. When it comes to mobiles, there are so many creative options to consider. Some have a wild animal theme while others feature the stars and the moon. The music that goes along with the movement of the mobile is just as important as the figures moving around in a circle. A soothing, familiar tune would be a nice choice.

Lastly, these are just five ideas for gifts that will please a one-year old along with his or her folks. Sometimes a simple, thoughtful gift like a mobile or a storybook or a piece of clothing can turn into a keepsake that parents hold on to for decades.

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