Finger Prints, Spills and Stains

Finger Prints, Spills and Stains

Being a mom can be a very rewarding and at the same time very tiring job. Between carpools, PTA meetings, play dates, doctor visits I can not remember when the last time my house was spic and span clean. Honestly, I am OK with this and anyone with kids would understand and be OK with it too. My house is a home to my family and myself. The finger prints and spills remind me that our kids grow up, play and learn to love here.

The stains on my carpets, that greatly need professional rug cleaning, remind me of how fast spills can happen and how fast the kids are growing up. They aren’t going to stay little forever and those moments that I will cherish forever are more important than the dirty dishes waiting to be washed or the piles of laundry waiting to be washed, dried and folded. Spending time with my kids, whether it be watching a movie that we have watched so many times that we know the dialogue to or reading that book for the 1,000th time that we no longer have to look at the words because we know it by heart, will always be the most important thing I can do and will never get old. I could do without stepping on Legos, that is a pain that I would love to forget!

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