ErgoErgo is Perfect for EVERYONE!

Everyone in our house loves our ErgoErgo. The kids often steal it to sit on while they are playing video games or reading a book. ErgoErgo combines the benefits of active sitting with a fresh and fun design and the stools encourage us to sit as nature intended.

ErgoErgo makes the perfect gift for the mom to be or new mom. ErgoErgo allows you to rock gently in any direction to build strength and flexibility. Pregnant moms to be are able to relieve pelvic pressure by sitting on a slightly unstable surface. Nursing mothers rock to soothe their babies – and keep themselves serene. The core muscles are engaged, the spine achieves its natural curve, the pelvis gently moves, circulation improves and the legs stretch. Pregnant or not, you have to agree that sounds pretty amazing! Once baby is all grown up, ErgoErgo is a great stool to have in the home for work, reading, and anytime you want to rest, but with a touch of activity.

ErgoErgo is available in several different colors and sizes. ErgoErgo retails for around $100.00 and is available to purchase on Amazon and at many other retailers nationwide.

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