eNail Supply Announce Massive Discounts


eNail Supply, the popular online retailer of nail beauty products to private customers and beauty professionals around the world have announced today that they are applying further generous discounts to a selection of their top branded nail beauty products like, Essie.

At a recent management meeting, the team used previous sales figures to identify which brands were the most popular with their loyal customers. As a result, they have taken the decision to discount Essie nail polish as a way of rewarding their customers.

CEO of eNail Supply, S Arya, said, “We pride ourselves in our excellent prices and service here at eNail Supply. We take customer care very seriously. By offering key shades from the Essie nail polish range at super low prices, we are showing them we are on their side. Essie products are just some of the most popular of brands of beauty professionals, so the management team and I know that offering discounted Essie nail polish will keep them happy.”

It’s not just their beauty professional customers who will benefit from the discounts either. Essie nail polish is very popular with their private customers so in addition to the bulk discounts available for trade, they will be offering discount Essie nail polish on certain shades for smaller orders.

All the offers that their customers find so tempting will still be available from their online retail store. And, there are other brands which will be offered at amazing low prices, not just the discounted Essie nail polish.

The company has been enjoying high sales and growing turnover for the last year. They put this down to excellent service and top quality customer focused business practices. The management team pay particular attention to sales trends and customer feedback to help them gauge which products to make available to their customers.

eNail Supply are now hoping to continue with their discount bonanza by applying further price reductions to another top brand in the near future. They will be closely monitoring sales of the current discounts ranges to see how customers take to the offers. They also intent to record feedback on favourite brands to help them decide which ones to discount next.

With the new season colors available now and their customers numbers growing every month, it is clear to see that eNail Supply will have a busy but fruitful time of it this summer.

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