Family Divorce

Divorce can have damaging and long term effects on everyone involved especially the children. When a marriage dissolves, the parties involved often forget that if there are kids involved that there is more to think about then just themselves. Often the parties see the children as objects that need to be won, rather than precious gems that need to know that the divorce is not their fault. When parties get divorced there is more to think about then just dissolving the marriage and getting the divorce over with. Both parties need to think about the interests and best well being of the children involved before anything else. Rarely, do divorces end without  needing to have the issues of custody, alimony and child support addressed. It is highly recommended that you consult and hire a divorce lawyer Montreal. You deserve to know your rights. It is also important that when selecting a lawyer you do your research. Don’t settle on the first name you find in the phone book’s yellow pages. You need a lawyer who will listen to you and understand you needs and concerns. You also need a lawyer who has experience and is honest with you. One time in your life that you will not want things sugar coated for you is when you are going through a divorce. A lawyer who is honest and tells you exactly what is in store for your divorce is the best way to go.

Joan Benson has over 30 years of experience practicing law and has proceeded before all levels of courts. Joan Benson specializes in family, divorce, custody and criminal law.


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