Holiday Road Trips, Convenience Store Pit Stops and Eating Healthier

Holiday Road Trips, Convenience Store Pit Stops and Eating Healthier

convenience stores ****This is a sponsored post on behalf of NACS****

The month of December is a very busy travel month for our family. We go on several road trips to visit our family in different states on the east coast. Of course with road trips, comes quite a few pit stops at convenience stores along the way.

While I remember road trips with my parents to be a lot of fun, I would dread those convenience store pit stops. The food was nothing that I was dreaming of eating and I usually opted in for a bag of chips. Luckily, that has all changed. C-stores aren’t just for filling up the gas tank and stale, unhealthy snack foods anymore. They are a great place to pick up a healthy snack or even a hot meal!

With a lot of people watching what they are eating and choosing healthier alternatives to regular snacks, convenience stores have started offering different food and snacking options. Many convenience stores are now offering fruit, veggies and yogurts. The fresh fruits and vegetables are often located by the cash register or in a refrigerated case. They are either whole or cut up and put into cups that fit in your car’s cup holder. Perfect for snacking on the go. Dried fruits and nuts are another healthy popular snack that you can find in most stores.

Did you know that convenience stores sell approximately 50% of the country’s single-serve bottled water? That was a fun fact that I did not know! Functional Beverages quench thirst while providing you with protein, vitamins and/or other needed nutrients. Pedialyte Powder Packets are formulated to help prevent dehydration from an illness, traveling or heat exhaustion. Pedialyte is no longer just for kids, adults and teens comprise of 36% of Pedialyte consumption. Vitamin Water Active Nutrient Enhanced Performance Drinks are another great choice. They provide 100% of the recomended daily allowance of vitamins B5, B6 and B12 to support energy, metabolism and electrolytes.


The National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) recently held its annual trade show. Here are six surprising facts that you might not have known about convenience stores. They serve meals, offer healthy options (including a program with Partnership for a Healthier America), care about the earth (working with Keep America Beautiful, partner with their communities, save shoppers time and sell cool stuff.

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