ColorDosing Liquid Medicine Measuring Kits Make Taking Medicine Easier

Does anyone else have a hard time making sure that they are dispensing the correct amount of medicine for their little ones. Our littles hate taking medicine, especially when it is the liquid type, so it can be very stressful.

ColorDosing medicine dosing kits help make sure you accurately dispense the correct dose of medicine for your child. They have two kits currently available for purchase, Color Dosing Spoons and Color Dosing Syringes. Both kits come with color dosing labels and a magnifying lens. The spoon kit comes with 6 color coded spoons that measure in both mL and TSP. The spoon clips right on to the side of the bottle of medicine so that it doesn’t get misplaced or lost.

The kits come with easy to read instructions in both English and Spanish. They also come with a ColorDosing conversion chart. I really like that the kits come with color-coded labels. There is space on each label so that you can write your child’s or the patients name. The magnifying lens improves the readability of tiny writing on most medicine bottles that is often hard to read.

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