Choose A Wedding Ring That Your Husband Wants To Wear Forever

Choose A Wedding Ring That Your Husband Wants To Wear Forever

There are many things that men supposedly do not care about. It is rumored that men do not want to
commit. Men do not want lifelong companionship. And, men could care less about lasting tokens of
commitment and affection. Although many men do not voice desire for a lasting relationship as many of
their female counterparts do, it is not uncommon for men to seek an exclusive romantic commitment,
marriage, and a family.

Similarly, many men might appreciate and value a thoughtful wedding ring more than they might
verbally express. You want to choose a wedding ring that will suit his sense of style, his occupation, and
can be a cherished possession which could later turn into a family heirloom.

Styles for men’s wedding bands

Wedding bands for men are available in many more varieties than a plain gold band. Women are
typically keen when it comes to observing how their husbands-to-be dress, what they like, and what
they do not. Instead of a generic wedding band, many men might appreciate something with more
style. Some unique (and non-feminine) styles include bands with diamond studs, titanium bands with a
simple design, or vintage-style men’s wedding rings.

How to find out what size wedding band to buy

Many men do not wear a variety of rings. Plus, resizing wedding bands with intricate engraving can
be difficult. During wedding planning and preparation, convince your fiancé to come to a jeweler to
have his ring finger sized. Make a note of the size, and then go back later to find a unique and personal
wedding band. As is often said in relationships, it’s the little things that count. Although your guy might
not start fanning himself with his hands and crying tears of joy like you might have when he proposed to
you, he will be overjoyed that you took time out of a whirlwind of wedding planning events and thought
about him.

Wedding band alternatives

Some men are not fans of wearing wedding bands or rings in general. Some claim that rings make
them feel claustrophobic, and other men think that wearing jewelry on their hands is uncomfortable
or could be potentially problematic at work. There remains something lasting about quality jewelry.
Some creative ideas include wearing a wedding band like a pendant on a chain which can be worn
underneath a shirt if needed. Or, you could hire a jeweler to turn the wedding band into a different
kind of keepsake after the wedding ceremony.%3