Pampers Big Dreams of Little Athletes

February 11, 2014

Pampers Big Dreams of Little Athletes

pampers game face

“This review was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Pampers. I was provided the featured product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine.”

Becoming a mom was the greatest experience of my life. When the twins were born almost 8 years ago, I had to find the perfect diaper. I quickly learned that the only diaper brand that I could count on was Pampers. The kids would develop severe diaper rashes when I would use the competitors or they just would not live up to my standards. Pampers always went above and beyond and I never found myself disappointed. Read more »

Holistic Baby Acupressure System

February 4, 2014

Holistic Baby Acupressure System


Our next review is one that I was excited and nervous about trying. Mommy and Baby Reviews was sent a Holistic Baby Acupressure System to try with our family. The Holistic Baby Acupressure System is a two-part system that includes a DVD and manual. Cheyenne has had a hard time sleeping through the night lately. She gets up and almost seems like she is sleep walking. I wanted to find something that would safely get her a full uninterrupted nights sleep. We started using the Holistic Baby Acupressure System about a month ago.

The DVD goes over both the Holistic Baby Sleep System and the Holistic Baby Wellness System. It is 43 minutes and goes over everything you need to know.

* How the Chinese Clock regulates the circadian rhythms
* 12 acupressure points for sleep regulation
* Acupressure point stimulation techniques
* General sleep protocol for balancing the circadian rhythms
* Three alternative protocols for sleep regulation
* The use of the 12 points for the treatment of 17 common pediatric health conditions
* A well-baby acupressure protocol to improve digestion, stimulate growth and support immunity

I absolutely love the Holistic Baby Acupressure System manual. Its is a 43 page full color illustrated manual that was easy to read.
The table of contents include:
* Basic Chinese Theory
* The Chinese Clock
* Point Location Measurement Tips
* Pediatric Acupressure Techniques
* The 12 Acupressure Points (fully illustrated with both easy and anatomical locations)
* Point Stimulation Tips
* Protocol Recommendations
* Summary of all 12 Points (illustrated)
* Holistic Baby Sleep System – General Protocol
* 4 Alternative Sleep Protocols
* Keeping a Sleep Log
* Repetition of the Protocol
* Holistic Baby Wellness System
* 17 Pediatric Wellness Point Combinations
* Check-List
* Sleep Log
* Tips for Point Stimulation if you have a Wiggly, Slippery Kid

We noticed a difference with Cheyenne withing the first week and a half of using the system. Bedtime got easier and was a lot less stressful. After about the first week I noticed that she was even sleeping in longer than her usual 6:30 wake up time. Her overall attitude during the day was a huge improvement as well as her sleeping patterns.

Mommy and Baby Reviews along with wants to give one of our readers the opportunity to try the Holistic Baby Acupressure System free of charge! That is right we are giving a copy away!

You can enter daily from February 5, 2014 until February 12, 2014 on the easy Rafflecopter form below. Please remember that this contest is only open to US Residents, 18 years of age and older and is void where prohibited.

If you would like more information or to purchase Holistic Baby Acupressure System, please visit the Holistic Baby Sleep System Website. Be sure to stay up to date on all of the latest news and products from Holistic Baby by following their social media pages on Facebook.

(A special thank you to Holistic Baby for sending Mommy and Baby Reviews a Holistic Baby Acupressure System free of charge to review. Mommy and Baby Reviews follows all FTC guidelines. All opinions stated in our review are our own truthfully opinion and were not influenced by the sponsor or from getting the review product free of charge. We were in no way compensated for our review or opinion. Mommy and Baby Reviews only recommends products and services that we feel are a good fit for our readers.)

Bum Boosa Bamboo Baby Wipes

February 3, 2014

Bum Boosa Bamboo Baby Wipes


I am going to cut right to the chase on our next review and talk about baby bums! As parents we want to keep our babies and kids safe and out of harms way. We also want to keep them away from harmful chemicals that can me harsh on their delicate skin.

Mommy and Baby Reviews recently had the opportunity to work with Bum Boosa and review a must have and one of our new favorite baby products on the market. We were sent a full size package of Bamboo Baby Wipes to review free of charge. Bum Boosa Bamboo Products is proud to be a B Corp, Cruetly-Free and Certified Women Owned Company. I was extremely excited when the baby wipes arrived.
My neice suffers from severe diaper rashes for many reasons. So we were looking forward to trying a product that was natural. The wipes are non-synthetic tree free products. The wipes easily dispense from it’s container which makes diaper changing a breeze. The wipes are extremely absorbent which means I can change her diapers without wasting wipes.

Why does Mommy and Baby Reviews love Bum Boosa Bamboo Baby Wipes?

They are stronger and thicker than wipes we have used in the past. Bum Boosa wipes are hypoallergenic perfect for my neices delicate skin. The wipes actully soothes her skin and because they are not made with alcohol it doesn’t dry out her skin. They smell great and are naturally scented with mild blend of sweet orange and lavender. Don’t worry there isn’t an overpowering scent either it is perfect.

What ingredients are in Bum Boosa Bamboo Baby Wipes?

 Purified Water, Vegetable Glycerin, Aloe Barbadensis (Organic Aloe Vera) Leaf, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Citric Acid, Calendula Extract, Polysorbate 20, Chamomile Flower Extract, Lavandula augustifolia (Lavender) oil, Citrus Sinensis (Sweet Orange) oil.

If you would like more information or to purchase Bamboo Baby Wipes, please visit the Bum Boosa Website. Be sure to stay up to date on all of the latest news and products from Bum Boosa by following their social media pages on Facebook, YouTube, Google+Pinterest and Twitter.

(A special thank you to Bum Boosa for sending Mommy and Baby Reviews a package of Bamboo Baby Wipes free of charge to review. Mommy and Baby Reviews follows all FTC guidelines. All opinions stated in our review are our own truthfully opinion and were not influenced by the sponsor or from getting the review product free of charge. We were in no way compensated for our review or opinion. Mommy and Baby Reviews only recommends products and services that we feel are a good fit for our readers.)

[bump] maternity long sleeve marocs

January 16, 2014

[bump] maternity long sleeve marocs
I am so excited to introduce you to one of my new favorite maternity clothing companies, [bump] baby under manufacturing process. [bump] offers moms to be beautiful and fun bump babies products, bump tees, bump vees, bump long sleeves, bump dresses, maternity clothes, funny maternity t-shirts .
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Dreambaby Bump Belt

January 10, 2014

Dreambaby Bump Belt

dream baby logo
Dreambaby is an internationally renowned child safety brand available in more than 100 countries. They offer parents peace of mind by bringing them safety products to keep their most precious cargo safe. From safety gates to safety on the go, they offer a huge line of afforable products.
Mommy and Baby Reviews recently had the opportunity to work with Dreambaby and review one of their amazing safety products. We were sent a Bump Belt to review free of charge. The Bump Belt is the perfect gift and must have product for any pregnant mom-to-be or mom pro!
bump belt
Bump Belts are designed to help you protect your unborn baby, from seatbelt related injuries that can occur during car travel. One of my friend were recently in a car accident. It wasn’t a serious one. Her and her baby are both fine. I right away told her that she needed the Bump Belt to help wear her seatbelt so that she was wearing it properly to keep her and the baby safe.

The Bump Belt was recently selected for a TOP CHOICE award by the prestigious USA based Creative Child Magazine, the 2013 version of the Dreambaby Bump Belt provides even more safety and comfort.  The belt features non-slip dots, to further prevent the Dreambaby® Bump Belt™ and seat belt from slipping up over your bump, ensuring your seat belt stays in place, whether dreambabyyou’re a driver or passenger.

If you would like more information or if you would to purchase a Bump Belt, please visit the Dreambaby Website. Be sure to stay up to date on all of the latest news and products from Dreambaby by following their social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

(A special thank you to Dreambaby for sending Mommy and Baby Reviews Bump Belt free of charge to review. Mommy and Baby Reviews follows all FTC guidelines. All opinions stated in our review are our own truthfully opinion and were not influenced by the sponsor or from getting the review product free of charge. We were in no way compensated for our review or opinion. Mommy and Baby Reviews only recommends products and services that we feel are a good fit for our readers.)

Before you decide to Drink & Drive Read This!

March 31, 2012

Before you decide to Drink & Drive Read This!

Today I am going to share something that has been passed around the internet probably more times than can be imagined. I can not bring myself to post the picture that is being shared with it because it was just to heartbreaking.

My reason for sharing this isn’t because of a personal experience with Drunk Driving but because I am a parent and a human being. Too many times people take life for granted and are selfish in the choices they make. Rarely, do they think how are my actions going to effect others. Is my one moment of thinking I am sober enough to drive going to decide the fate of someone else?

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The Diaper Trike

March 9, 2012

The Diaper Trike

I love to make unique and creative gifts for holidays and other events.  Since we’re on a tight budget around here it’s often a lot easier on the pocketbook as well!
This is a diaper trike that I made for my cousin’s baby shower a year or so ago.  Hard to believe my godson is already almost a year old!!!!  I found a lot of pictures of these trikes online but no directions so I reverse engineered this from a picture.

I picked up all the items to make this at the dollar store and a large discount store.  The only problem was that I didn’t notice that the front ribbon had fallen down until AFTER I took my pictures.  I did catch and fix it before the shower!

What you need to create the diaper trike:
One large package of size 1 diapers (better to have too many than not enough!)
3 large rubber bands (I used the rubber bands that come wrapped around my newspaper…free!)
empty paper towel or toilet paper roll (also free!)
2 receiving blankets
2 bibs (I like the velcro closure bibs)
1- 5oz. baby bottle
1 pair of newborn sized baby socks (I could only find a package of 3 pairs so the extras I put inside the wheels
2-3 yards thin ribbon
2-3 yards thick ribbon (1 inch thick looks nice and works well)
double sided tape, glue dots, hot glue, folded over scotch tape (whatever you have that will hold the ribbon together)

First, divide your diapers into 3 equal piles, if it doesn’t divide evenly put the extras in the pile for the front tire since it’s fine for it to be a bit larger but the back tires need to be equal sized.

Start with your first stack of diapers and an empty paper towel or toilet paper roll.  The roll will keep the center of your tire open.  I curved each diaper around the roll one at a time until I had about half the diapers in my stack wrapped around the roll.  Have a helper hold the diapers on the roll or hold it with your knees while you put a large rubber band around the outside.  You can then add the rest of the diapers in a few at a time and adjust as needed.  You want to use a rubber band and not any adhesive so that the diapers are still able to be used.  It’s tricky but stay patient and it will all work out, I promise!  Remove the roll once you have all diapers secured.  (if you have problems keeping the center open you can cut the tube so that is a little narrower than the diapers an leave it in the center of the tire.

Follow the same process with your other two stacks of diapers.  Use your wide ribbon and wrap around the diaper rolls to cover the ugly rubber bands.  Secure the ribbon to itself using your adhesive, I used double a hot glue gun.  Don’t burn yourself….it’s not worth it!

Take one of your receiving blankets and roll it VERY tightly.  Again, since I was by myself I used rubber bands on each end to keep it rolled tightly while I worked.  Feed the rolled blanket through the center of all 3 tires in the configuration shown in the photo.  Tie it tightly with a knot and then slide the knot so that it is hidden inside the back tires.

Create a seat by fastening one of the bibs through the hole in the front tire with the bib part covering the space where the back two tires meet.  Fasten the other bib facing the front with the velcro though the center of the tire to create a front fender.

Take your other blanket and roll it as tightly as possible, if it is nice and tight it will make the handlebars stick out without any further support.  Again, I used rubber bands to secure it, this time in the middle and at each end and left them there since they would be covered.  Feed through the hole in the front wheel, the wheel will hide your middle rubber band.  Place the bottle on top of the bib and towards the back of the front wheel to create a headlight.  I used the thin ribbon to secure this to the trike by feeding through the center and tying with a bow.  Pull the wrapped blanket up over the top of the bottle and tie tightly with your thin ribbon and tie another bow.  If your blanket is nice and tight and you tie the ribbon tightly the ends of the blanket will create the handlebars. It took me 3 tries, so again, stay patient and keep trying!

Cover the ends of the blankets (and your rubber bands) with a baby sock.  You are done!


  • This is hard to transport because it wants to shift.  I didn’t have a big enough box so I used a laundry basket in the car so it wouldn’t move around too much.
  • Include a note on the trike or with your card letting the recipient know what size the diapers are (I had a duh moment when my cousin had to call me to find out)
  • Be creative…I wanted to put a stuffed monkey on the trike as a rider since that was the nursery theme but couldn’t find one in my price range, a set of teething keys would be super cute hooked to the back of the handlebars.
  • Don’t spend the $60+ dollars that these sell for…make your own for about $20.


What they don’t tell about Pregnancy?

March 9, 2012

What they don’t tell you can happen in Pregnancy?
I was not skinny when I got pregnant with my first child, but I was active and losing weight putting me in the category of those with a little extra on an athletic body.  Then I got pregnant and very ill losing 20 pounds and ending the pregnancy actually 2 lbs lighter than when I started.  After giving birth I obviously lost more weight.  I started doing yoga and working at getting myself health again.  After intense yoga practice earning me a 200 hour teaching certificate, I was still not feeling one hundred percent. On top of my issues getting my body back to pre-pregnancy normal functioning, I had also developed a lump on my right shoulder.  Due to the severe edema I experienced during the pregnancy I was told it was fluid and would dissolve as my body healed over that first year post-pregnancy.
I started applying for yoga jobs while running a home daycare, but started feeling like I wasn’t healing properly.  A visit to the doctor revealed a heart beat, the second visit to find out how far along I was revealed it was a boy and I was 20 weeks!  I had about a month of vomiting and then by Thanksgiving I was 4cm dilated having infrequent contractions.  My tentative due date was my daughters birthday at the end of December which meant a month of dilation and contractions while running a daycare and taking care of an infant.  My lump/fluid on my shoulder continued to grow as well.  By the 21st they told me to have my help come early because I was going to go into labor any day as they were stripping my membranes.  Well, December ended and January began and they finally decided to schedule the induction as the baby was showing to weigh over 8lbs and they didn’t think my pelvis could handle any larger, plus I was already dilated, having infrequent contractions, and the baby was showing to be at or past term.  The morning of my induction I awoke again to the normal contractions I was then having for months only this time they didn’t stop and kept at 5 min apart.  Choice wake up the hubby 2 hours before he has to get up anyway to go to an induction or let him rest on the off chance it was just my body being odd.  I let him rest and didn’t say anything until we started to get in the car.  He dropped me off at the ER, because for some god awful reason you have to check in their before going up to the birthing floor, and I got stuck behind some jerk with a sty who wanted it looked at but didn’t want to pay or give insurance unless it wasn’t a sty and was arguing with the clerk, the clerk finally asked him to step aside, potentially because when I wasn’t doubling over in pain I may have looked like I was going to murder this jerk with my bare hands if they had the chance to get free from holding my belly.  He gets me started on getting checked into the ER and the hubby comes in from parking the car to help the rest of the way.
Finally, we go up and the nurse says they called me to say they needed to reschedule the induction.  A)no she didn’t my phone was still in my hand B) I no longer need the induction I’m in labor!!!!

Long story short, I give birth to a healthy baby boy with a horrible doctor who literally left without finishing the job once the baby was out, sprayed my husband with umbilical blood, and ignored that I was having serious issues keeping from passing out.  I recovered, and got to take my beautiful second born home.

I got right back to work and my body returned to normal.  Except for the lump.(the picture to the right isn’t mine, but is about the same size and just on the opposite shoulder, we didn’t take a picture of mine.)  The lump just kept growing so I had it looked at and asked for it to be drained.  The doctor wanted a test first to make sure it was fluid saying he could barely see it.  Odd because it was affecting my movement and slightly painful when touched in area’s, Oh and I was starting to look like Quasimoto!  One test done, it isn’t fluid and he wants more tests.  More tests, its a Lipoma and he isn’t sure we should remove it.  I ask for a surgical consult because it hurts and if it keeps growing I’m not going to be able to lift these babies I look after.  I found a great surgeon who agree’s to remove it, but wants to do it with a local.
Here is the issue with that, my few local experiences haven’t been good and there are concerns if I am one of the many whose bodies metabolize local at such a rate it is ineffective.  To combat this I was given Valium which slows this rate down so that I could potentially become numb.  They also used a newly designed local that is supposed to work better for people like me, plus they combined this with the old one for added protection.  I agreed because I didn’t want the risks and affects including a longer recovery that come with going under.  I have had issues with bad reactions to going fully under in the past and like to avoid that when possible. So, here I am with this lump growing in my body that started with pregnancy which no one talks about as potentially happening, that could have turned cancerous because of it’s growth rate, but most likely is the after affects of pregnancy that just never got shut off by my body.  This just leaves me facing a knife or the life of a hunchback, anyone have a bell tower I can live in?
If you want to hear about my surgery and recovery just visit Mommy Moments with Abby. She has 2 human babies and 3 fur-babies whom she writes about regularly!
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