A Parent’s Worst Fear

September 12, 2013

A Parent’s Worst Fear

It was just about our typical weekday morning. My husband got up for work at 6:30. Got dressed and got everything he needed for his day ready. At 6:50 he came upstairs to wake me up to start my day and say goodbye. The kids were already awake. Alexandria (7 years old) was excited to be up before me for once. We started our morning routine. Showers, getting dressed and getting everything ready for school before the bus arrived. Read more »

Heart Rate Training Tips and Tools

August 27, 2013

Heart Rate Training Tips and Tools

Are you ready to get in shape? Many families, couples, adults and individuals want to lose weight and get in shape in order to feel better about themselves. The truth is that losing weight, eating healthy and getting regular exercise is important for a number of other reasons. Read more »

Free Curly Fries or Potato Cakes

April 9, 2013


Free Curly Fries or Potato Cakes

Tax Day is right around the corner, and thanks to the recent payroll tax hike, millions of Americans are preparing themselves for the most stressful tax season ever.
To help make April 15 a little less taxing, Arby’s Restaurant Group, Inc. is offering its free signature curly fries and for the first time ever, potato cakes, as part of their third consecutive Tax Day Curly Fry Giveaway. Plus, for added relief Arby’s is giving taxpayers the chance to win one of ten $500 tax relief payouts.

arbys1To redeem the special coupon and to enter to win a tax relief payout, visit today. The coupon is valid at participating Arby’s locations during regular business hours on Monday, April 15, and is good for one order of free Value Sized Curly Fries or Small Potato Cakes, while supplies last.
With Arby’s Tax Day Curly Fry Giveaway, Americans can take a much-needed break from stress around Tax Day and enjoy Arby’s signature Curly Fries, perfectly seasoned ringlets, fried to a golden brown and served hot. Or, a small order of Potato Cakes, shredded potato fried to a crispy golden brown, an ideal side choice for any meal or snack.

Raising Amazing Children (…While Having a Life of Your Own)

March 6, 2013

Raising Amazing Children

Hello from the author of “Raising Amazing Children (… While Having a Life of Your Own)” Deborah Drezon Carroll:
Our daughter’s wedding was a glorious event for us, as you might imagine. After it was over, though, one thing stuck in my mind. People, our friends and other guests whom we didn’t know, repeatedly came up to us and said, “Your daughters are amazing. What’s your secret?”

While that is a beautiful sentiment, and may even be true (if I do say so myself), I wondered: Are they really amazing? We have three daughters who are really just lovely people with good hearts and good souls. They weren’t exceptional students (they were good students for the most part) or outstanding athletes (they did try, though); they didn’t cure cancer in our basement, or discover the secret to solving the world hunger problem. They didn’t win scholarships or attend Ivy League colleges. They just were good kids (most of the time but certainly not without challenges along the way) who grew up to be teachers.

And that’s when I realized: maybe they are amazing.

If the goal of being a good parent is to do the job well enough for our kids to leave us someday and be happy people who are independent and live with integrity and decency, and if achieving that is amazing, maybe we were all amazing.

I thought about how we achieved such greatness. What was our parenting secret?
My husband and I had both been teachers early in our careers. We learned a great deal about how children develop. We learned strategies for facilitating growth in young people by treating them with respect, trust, faith, and high expectations. And, when we had our first child we got some very good advice.

The advice was to find ways to integrate our child into our lives rather than turning our lives completely upside down to integrate ourselves into our child’s life. In other words, we were advised to raise our kids while living life the way we loved it before our kids were born as much as possible. We were told to find ways to keep doing the things we loved so we could share them with our kids. And so we did. Whatever we did, we invited our kids to do it with us. From cleaning the house to traveling across the country on a camping trip (Yes, we did go on a cross country trip with three kids under the age of 5!), if it was something we did before we had kids, we did it with our kids. We tried not to give up any of the things that mattered to us before we became parents, we just found ways to incorporate our children into those activities.

As a result, our children learned life skills by experiencing life with us. They learned to love reading and writing as we do so they value education. They can do simple home repair, they all did their own laundry since they were very little, and each can negotiate a tight deal of any sort. They understand the value of work and the need to budget money as they watched us do both and learned by seeing our struggles and our successes. They learned compassion and caring for family, friends, and strangers as they lived both on a daily basis. In short, they learned how to live life by living it with us and witnessing the ins and outs of making a life work.

The simple tasks of everyday living provide parents with opportunities to teach children something of value each day. By inviting your kids to work alongside as you do things like shopping, housecleaning, gardening, cooking, home repair, traveling and more, you both win. You’ll save time as you’ll have helping hands to get the jobs done faster, your child will learn priceless life skills, and you’ll all have more time to enjoy life together.

By incorporating your kids into your life, you get to continue living a life that makes you happy. Happy parents raise happy children. Your kids will thank you for it… some day!

Raising Amazing Children (…While Having a Life of Your Own). The title sums up our parenting secret.

To learn more about Debby and her book, visit her website!

Easy at Home Manicure

February 6, 2013

Easy at Home Manicure

Let’s face it. Going to a salon and getting a manicure can be expensive! You can give yourself the perfect at home manicure and save money!

Start by getting everything you need together and set up a work area that you will be comfortable at. After all manicures are supposed to relax you.

What you need:

Nail cutter

Nail File

Cuticle trimmer

Bowl with water

Hand towel

Cuticle remover

Cuticle stick

Hand Lotion

Clear Nail Polish


1.) Start by trimming your nails to the length that you would like. Remember not to trim them too short.

2.) Using a nail file smooth the edges of each nail. If you would like to shape your nails take your time and file the tip to your preferred shape.

3.) Place your fingertips in a medium-sized bowl with warm water to remove the nail residue left over from the filing and to soften the cuticles. Leave your fingertips in the bowl for about five minutes. Dry your hands with a towel.

4.) Place a drop of cuticle remover on the base of the nail to loosen the cuticle. Massage the nail base with the cuticle remover.

5.)  Use the round tip of the Cuticle stick and push back the cuticle of each nail until the dead skin loosens up from the base. Use the cuticle trimmer and carefully trim away the loose cuticle. BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN DOING THIS! You don’t want to cause damage to your cuticles or nails.

6.) Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water to remove any leftover cuticle residue. Dry your hands and apply your favorite lotion to moisturize and massage your hands. We use Neutrogena  Norwegian Formula® Hand Cream to protect and heal our hands from the brutal cold New York weather.

7.) Finish with your favorite clear nail polish.

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January 9, 2013

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What is your Organizing Style?

January 9, 2013

Are you looking for a way to organize your life? What is your organizing style? Take the quiz to find out now. It’s fast and easy. When you answer all the questions on how you use Post-its in your daily life, you will find out your Organizing Style and receive money saving coupons.  Go here to take the Post-it Organizing Style Quiz. After you take the quiz be sure to leave a comment on the post letting us know your Organizing Style

FREE Order of Skillet Queso and Chips at Chili’s

January 4, 2013

My family and I love eating out! However sometimes it can get pricey with 4 kids and 2 adults. I love saving as much as possible, but who doesn’t. That’s why I was excited to join Chili’s email club. Sign up below to get the latest happenings and exclusive offers, plus you will receive a FREE order of Skillet Queso & Chips just for signing up!

Join Hylands Holiday Wellness Challenge

December 10, 2012

Join Hylands Holiday Wellness Challenge……

 It’s easy for me to get lost in the hustle and shuffle of the holidays. Between entertaining, shopping, decorating and wrapping presents by the time Christmas gets here I am exhausted and feel like I haven’t had a chance to breathe. This year is going to be different! I am determined to take time and set goals.

Hyland’s want you to start the holiday season off the healthy way by challenging yourself to reach a goal that will make you feel good about yourself.  Stop everything you are doing, take a deep breathe, make yourself a cup or tea or coffee and set a goal. Maybe even a few goals. It can be anything. Do you want to start eating healthier? Would you like to spend more time with your family? What about getting all your holiday shopping finished and presents wrapped before the 15th of December! That is my goal this year. Whatever your goal or goals are remember to make sure they are in reach. Don’t set a goal to win the lottery or something you know you can’t accomplish. The point of setting goals is to have that feeling of accomplishment when you reach it. You want to feel good about yourself!

 Just define your own individual challenge and then be sure to visit the Hyland’s Holiday Challenge app on Facebook to submit your goals, to find inspiring tips and special coupons and saving opportunities ONLY for participants.

Apple Inspired MP3 Player for Just $5.00

November 29, 2012

Right now you can get an Apple inspired MP3 player for $5 !! Plus you get $5.00 for signing up! That’s getting an Apple Inspired MP3 Player for free! You can purchase up to FIVE of these deals!! They would make perfect Stocking Stuffers. They are also great to have in case you need a last minute gift. These MP3 Players have a value of $49.99 so you are getting an AMAZING SAVINGS of 90%! Hurry and get yours before they are gone!


Compact and versatile: With the inevitable car trips and flight delays of holiday travel on the horizon, a sleek MP3 player is the perfect gift to tuck in their stockings. Sync as many iTunes accounts as you want to the player, and enjoy even more music with the built-in FM radio.

MP3 player is also a FM radio. Comes with USB charger and ear buds included
 FIVE Colors to choose from! Silver, Pink, Red, Green and Blue!
Click here if you are ready to buy your own Apple Inspired MP3 Player?
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