Bronze Buffer

Bronze Buffer

Bronze Buffer

The only self-tan remover that really works!
The only safe tan is a faux tan, but it’s nearly impossible to get a picture-perfect result, even when you turn to the pros. Until now, the only way to deal with mistakes has been to sit and wait for it to fade naturally, but with Bronze Buffer, you don’t have to live with faux tan faux pas anymore! Bronze Buffer wipes away color instantly – like no other self-tan remover.

Bronze Buffer 1The brainchild of Paige Herman-Axel, a former beauty editor turned freelance beauty writer and blogger, Bronze Buffer was developed to refine and customize self-tanner results—even after color has developed. “Being in the beauty business for 15 years, I’ve tried countless self-tanners to achieve that ‘I just got back from vacation’ glow without actually leaving my own home. While some products work better than others, I was always searching for a product that could fix mistakes or remove color in a fast and easy way—so I decided to create it myself,” says Herman-Axel.

Bronze Buffer is a soft cushiony sponge with no added ingredients or chemicals. With just a little water, Bronze Buffer’s gentle abrasion removes unwanted self-tanner on the uppermost layers of skin. From streaks to application mishaps to color buildup, Bronze Buffer will leave you with a flawless, natural-looking golden glow. Use it on specific trouble spots like elbows and knees or all over to tone down a too-dark tan, and the “points” are ideal for small areas like between the fingers and toes.

bro01com_0_bbwithsponges300“With Bronze Buffer, everyone can enjoy a natural-looking tan without exposing their skin to the damaging effects of the sun. I never set out to create an anti-aging product, but opting for self-tanner—and perfecting the result with Bronze Buffer—can prevent wrinkles, sun damage and skin cancer over the long-run,” explains Herman-Axel.

Instructions: Wet sponge and wring out excess water. Gently wipe away self-tanner streaks and color buildup. (Do not scrub.) Allow sponge to dry thoroughly. Do not use on irritated or sensitive skin.
Price: 2 sponges / $10 Bronze Buffer is available to purchase on the Bronze Buffer website.

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